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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by die-Sel, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Hey all, at last i have been able to start my grow. Been planning this for about 2years now but at last its underway. Using a 400W HPS on 18/6.

    Using Plagron Batmix soil in 10cm pots.

    Photos are in order as: 9 - 12 - 14 - 15 -16 Days
    Any thoughts

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  2. plants look great!

    more pics soon?:smoke:
  3. the last pic is todays, dont mind the time stamp on them as its off sometimes. But ill post a pic almost every day if the changes are noticeable
  4. Looks OK. Time to get bigger pots I think.
    Check out the roots at the bottom.
  5. been checking for the past few days, no sign of them hitting the bottom yet but am sure it wont be long
  6. Make sure you don't overwater them, this will delay root development.
    The size of the plant above ground suggests the roots should have reached the bottom by now.
    Normally, the tap root goes straight down in no time.
  7. am just checking the holes at the bottom of the pot and no sign yet, i wud of thought they would of hit the bottom a few days ago but theres still no sign.

    they get water only when an inch deep of soil is dry which is about every 1.5-2 days
  8. I think you should let them dry out a bit more, force the plant to grow roots to the bottom of the pot in search for water.
    Wait until your plant looks droopy from underwatering, this is safe when you check every day.
    Maybe your plant is content not to do so, because there's sufficient water and nutes available at the top soil.
  9. ill let them starve tonight as they were due a watering today

    cheers mate
  10. Hey guys can someone tell whats up with this. Its on 2 of the low leaves from plant 1.

    water burn from the lamp??

    also plant one has purple stems on the leaves were as plant 2+3 are all green

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  11. I think it looks like you need bigger pots...it may be that it doesn't have enough nutrition...or water...you should re-pot them in bigger pots and continue with your routine..and if there are no changes maybe water more? or get some sort of organic nutrition. im no expert but the look good to me!! :hello:good luck man!:D
  12. am using Plagron Batmix and it says on the bag not 2 feed for 4 weeks so i was gonna start a half feed after 4 weeks.

    i sill havnt seen any roots yet and the soil was very very dry half way down the pot after not been water yesterday as i normally do.

    repotting wil have to wait untill 2moro ifs i need to do it
  13. The purple stems are from stress.
    Not sure about those funny looking brown spots though.
    Could be a soil issue, can you take some runoff and check it's pH?
  14. how do i slove the stress issue, only been watering them every 1.5-2 days. ill check the pH tonight of some run off and get back to ya

    EDIT: water them there now with pH 6.8 water and tested the run off came back at pH5.9 - 6.1
  15. some updated pics guy. standing at 9incehs when these were tken

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