White widows turning purple (need urgent help)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Busted, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I've got 2 ww that are on day 40 of flowering and the small tri leaflets are turning purple along the edges of the leaves! Seems to be happening to all the colas, the leaves don't look sick or burned in anyway. Can someone tell my whats happening?
    Also of the fan leaves are turning yellow and falling off aswell, are my plants going to make it to harvest :confused:
    I've been checking the tric colour and as far as i can see they are mainly cloudy, with a few looking clear still and some looking amber!
    Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. can't think of the nute you're lacking off the top of my head (better growers here will know)

    but check your ph a balance may be in order...simplest fuck up throws so much off....so its always a good place to start

    also if you didn't know once late into flower its normal for the leaves to start dying off

    it's the plants way of putting all its energy into reproducing even tho you aren't creating seeds
  3. Cheers for the quick response :smoking:
    Will check ph when lights on.
    I know about the leaves yellowing late in flowering but i didn't think i was that far along!
  4. 40 is pretty deep in

    if the ph is on par and you have no salty buildup on the surface or near the stem (or deep sorta steamed spinach colored leaves) its safe to rule out over nuting or ph throwing it out of whack

    could be they need a minor boost of nutes to pull through full maturity but it should be a last resort if you want very smooth tasting herb

    I've only failed once growing so wait for some good followups from all the dr. green thumbs :)
  5. Day 40 of flowering?? How tall are your plants and how tall were they when you first started??
    Do you have any pictures??
    and yes check the PH
  6. PH is fine and there's no salty build up !
    Not going to do anything drastic just hope they make it lol

    Yes day 40 flower
    Plants are about 18 inches +, Plants were about same height when put into flower. I'm using LST to keep them short.
    Check out my day 33 of flowering thread, you can see pics in there.
  7. dont worry dude plants just turn purple somtimes if its kinda cold and fan leafs pretty much always die late in flowierng
  8. Cheers dude :smoking:
    Yeah my temps at lights off are dropping to around 70, i thought it might be something to do with it! I read somewhere that they turn purple when it drops cold at night :(

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