White Widow

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  1. Which seed bank has the best White Widow seeds?
  2. in my opinion greenhouse fems
  3. Mr Nice Black Widow is the best out there but if you don't want to mess with regs or waiting for stock then femaleseeds do a very nice Black Widow for much cheaper :smoke:
  4. Many of the seed banks sell the same genetics for white widow while other make their own versions

    I have herd people say that black widow is the "og" if you will, of the white widows

    Also that GreenHouse's version of WW is a copy or knockoff of the Mr.Nice version of WW called Black Widow to distinguished itself from the others version of WW (correct me if I'm wrong)

    I purchased the Dutch Passion version hopping that it is a close of a copy to the original as possible

    The indian/brazilian genetics for the WW seem to be inline with many others
    But then you run into the knockoffs which claim different genetics to make the WW

    I personally would like to see a bunch of different WW seeds grown here on the city to solve this issue :smoke:

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