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  1. Hey guys, i was under the impression that white widow wasn't a very tall plant but on Attitudes website it says it is big in height.
    Can somebody give me a rough estimate on how tall the average white widow plant grows?
    Thank you.
  2. 5-7 sasquatch feet
  3. Damn! I'd be growing in a space around 3ft tall and 1.5ft squared in width.
    What can i grow in that sized area?
  4. If you wanna stick with the WW (White Widow) family then try WR (White Rhino) it's shorter and works well with SCROG methods.
  5. I posted a thread last year about white rhino and was told it was very tall, a guy posted some pics on the thread of his WR plants and they were around 6ft tall.
  6. You can always employ SCROG or LST if height is an issue. I'm sure a white widow will fi in a 3 ft tall space, as long as you're not using hot lights. Definitely check the sticky regarding LST, and do a search for SCROG. Peace and good luck!
  7. I like the idea of LST but with this being my first time i want to try and be as basic as i can till i begin to find my feet.
    You think WW will be ok at 3ft?
  8. If you LST correctly, you'll have much more space vertically. And I know it's your first time grow, but since LST is considered low stress, it's just like training any other plant. She should be fine as long as you follow the tutorial. You don't have to start with a smaller pot, but otherwise the idea is sound.
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    Technically it's the gardener who determines the finishing height regardless of strain/pheno but alot also depends on which breeders version of WW you grow.

    If you buy a hamburger from Mc dees and buy a hamburger from BgrKng they are both hamburgers but with differences because of various reasons... genetics of the beef being one.

    Same for cannabis.

    Heres some Highgrade seeds WW -went in at just under 2' and finished a little over 3'
  10. Drooling over that last pic. Yummy.
  11. So how can i grow a plant with good yield but keep it relatively short? I'm looking at Nirvana White Widow mainly because its my first grow and the seeds are reasonably priced.
    Would i just introduce flowering in early?
  12. I just harvested one and it was just about 5' tall, but I don't bloom them until they are over 2'.
  13. Flowering early would be a good idea. My Nirvana WW tripled in size after I switched to 12/12. Good luck!
  14. I don't have a great deal of width space though either. I suppose i will just have to start and then take it from there lol, if i can utilize empty space i will try it, i can't see as it would do any harm.
  15. My outdoor WW is already 5'9" tall wen untied, and she has not even begun flowering. A plants height is only predetermined SO FAR. Genetics will tell ya the plants max potential so far as it is already realized. WW can grow to be as tall as any Sativa, its up to the grower, WW are not limited as an Indica would be!

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  16. Ok so if i veg it to the size i want it and then start the flowering process it wont grow any bigger, just grow bud?
  17. Incorrect. Expect it to at least double in size after you start flowering.
  18. Ok then, if I'm working with 2.5ft or a little more height, at what point should i start flowering?
  19. 2.5 feet? I would say start flowering immediately! Hahaha:) You're going to have to tie that down or something. Not my specialty I'm afraid.
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    It won´t get a lot taller, but will pack on a lot of bulk. Look at post #9 in this thread (beautiful plant, that). We are told it grew just a foot in flowering, but look at the way it has put on weight.

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