white widow!!!!!!

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  1. This is a pic of some White Widow that me and my bassist grew in his flood and drain system. This is about 1 1/2 ozs dried and cured. We yeilded a little over 8 ozs all together. Hope you like it, it's tearing me the fuck up!!!!! Heheheheheheh......!!! I feel bad for you guys that have to pay $15-$20 a gram for that crap..... I have 8 ozs for free....

    Like I said this pic is about 1 1/2 ozs....:

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  2. hoooot,, send some dis way
  3. how many plants did you grow, and what do you do to cure weed?
  4. looks good mate.....

    my last home grown stash went out fast... so i been buying off the streets, since im bearling vegging.. but these year i will try to get at least 3 females outdoor, and start indoor grows rappedly...
  5. looks a lil shy of an ounce and a half....maybe 10 grams

  6. We had 6 females. Not the best yeilds, but this wasn't totally my grow. My bassist is a new grower and I'm just giving him pointers here and there when he runs into problems.He did not feed it the righ amount of nutes during flowering. Thus, the smaller yeild.

    I got him into growing his own about 8 months ago. He went out and bought his grow setup, 400 watt HPS, 250 watt MH, nutes, etc.... I provided him with the White Widow seeds I purchased when I went to visit a fellow grower in St.Croix.

    So, in all reality, he did most of the growing by himself, not too bad for a first grow eh....? I think he would have been fine on his own, he ran into very few problems. The setup is at his place, so he fucks with it alot.

    I tell ya', it's feckin' gooooood. Very narcotic high..... This is funny because I grew out the same WW 8 months ago and found mine to be very cerebral at first, almost trippy. Then after about 20 mins, it would get dopey. Both grows were the same length of time.

    We hung them to dry for about 6 days and then placed them into mason jars to cure.
  7. HIGH All, first grow...give him a pat on the back from me. Nice job!

    Some people just have a green thumb. And of coarse knowing the right people help.
  8. I,

    they look likes some solid nugs.

    well in.

  9. agree with the guy who said it looks like 10 grams

    congrats on the grow though

    and btw.. 10 grams is pretty far off from ' a little under 1 and 1/2 ozs '

  10. Well, now that I'm not toasted and I thoroughly read what he said about the 10 grams.... I can honestly say that you are both wrong. I am positive it's a little under 1 1/2 ozs. Those nugs are VERY dense, the pic may not be doing them justice. How can you agree that all of that is only 10 grams? 90% of those buds pictured are longer, wider, and much thicker than the lighter used for comparison.
  11. so, on average, how much bud do you think a person could get from one healthy plant.....on average..
  12. depends on so many things...

    your knowledge...
    how dedicated you are.
    how much light
    hydro or soil.
    how long do you have to grow them


    so yu see.. its entirley up to you.
  13. Neighbor if you dont mind?
  14. You can tell the bud is very dense just by looking at it.
    I Agree with the poster that is an ounce and a half just by looking at it.
    It looks like it could be maybe a gram or 2 shy of an ounce and a half but definitely not 10g's off.
  15. Thank you.... The pic doesn't do it any justice. The angle it was taken at was all wrong.

  16. Not too sure about that, if those nugs are dense which they are those bigger nugs could easily weigh 3 grams or close to it.
  17. ^ it doesnt matter, nice grow, keep that shit up, smoke a blunt for me

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