White Widow

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Grandpa_420, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Hi folks,
    Thought I sent you some pics of my almost-ready White Widow. I guess still a week or so before I chop her.

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  3. a close up.

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  4. looking supper good.....

    is these your frist grow?...
  5. Nah. I grow some plants every now and again. It's fun to do and quite rewarding. The nurses at the elderly home don't mind as long as I toss them a few buds...LOL!
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  6. sweet.......
  7. excellent
    looking very tasty
    i dont see much widow over here any more
    some white rhino though
    mostly afghani right now

    good lookin bud though
  8. Hell ya thats some nice lookin BUD!! yo I'll toke with you any time.
  9. lookin good gramps....!! wish you were my old man, haha

    great pics, lookin forward to seeing many more..... :)
  10. Grow Grandpa Grow!!!!!! You sure we're not related?
  11. Thats a might nice grow you got going there.

    Something about growing weed in an elderly home just seems funny.

  12. When we go back to Adam and Eve, we're all related! One happy smokers family:)

    I think I chop the plant next weekend. I'll post some pics of the dry buds later.
  13. HIGH All, very nice Grandpa_420!!!!!

    If you don't mind me asking.....where did you aquire(sp) the WW seeds or were they clones?

  14. Thank you my friend! It were clones. Very nice quality this time I may add. Grown in soil under a 600 watt hps. For the next time I consider to use coco as grow medium because I've noticed that the soil gets quite compact in the end. And besides that, you're not completely in controll with that pre-ferted soil; it's always difficult to judge when to start with the additional ferts. Coco on the other hand functions just as a medium for the roots to settle (like rockwool) with no ferts added so I can use my own formula right from the start. Also I've heard that coco has a great pH buffer capacity.
  15. All I can say is holy shit. Guarantee I won't ever see anything like that in my lifetime. Unless of course pot is legalized. But, bud like that just doesn't show it's face around here.
  16. hey IowaPotHead your wrong....there is shit like that around your area and in the state of iowa. you just need to meet the right ppl and then you will find it. i know ppl that grow white widow and bud that looks pretty much similar or have frineds pick some up from cali, or bc and bring back. so actually some bud like that does happen to show up, just hard to find at times. peace

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