White widow x Destroyer xPurple Chitral kush?

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  1. Does that sound like it'd be a good cross? I have a Ww mother going that can easily spare a clone, and 10 destroyer x pck seeds. I figure if one is a male why not try to make some kind of positive? Does that sound like a strain you'd want to try? is it already out there?
  2. Dude I honestly haven't heard of it, but it sounds dangerous! 😉 Go for it!

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  3. Try it, even if someone's tried it before yours won't necessarily turn out the same. Genetics is a lottery. Who knows could be the next OG...
  4. Well alright then. Keep you guys posted in the future. My main goal is to get a high yeilding bubble hash plant. Hoping the destroyer's high yeilding trait will blend with the very sweet white widow taste and ultimate head high with a mild body buzz from the purple kush for the best hash experience. I once tried bubble hash that was so sweet it tasted like a mouthful of starbursts. Been trying to replicate it ever since.
  5. I recently heard someone with clout (either VaderOG or someone on the Adam Dunn Show) about breeding with White genetics and that it's such a stable (not prone to herm) line that it tends to make good breading stock. I think they said it was good at adapting the other strain's flavor and/or smell.

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  6. Ah, so what my understanding from what you're saying is, since its traits arent dominant but adaptable, hoping to cross white widow to keep its flavor and accepting favorable traits of the destroyers growing habbits wouldnt work?

    And in turn, If I wanted destroyers taste and flavor, but white widows growing habits, then id cross?
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    You can back cross your first progeny back to the WW to try to get a heterozygous pheno. Look into three plant breeding schedules and use one of the hybrid (white/destroyers) as the third plant in the schedule. Or try switching gender of the donating strains (if using female WW, try using a good WW male with the trait you want, or vice versa). I think you can get what you want, but would need to play around with it.

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