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White widow VS cheese

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Funroe420, May 17, 2010.

  1. I'm picking up a quarter of either cheese or w.w...... Which would you choose?
  2. Depending.Are prices the same?if so i'd go with i miss that stuff
  3. i'd go with white widow for sureeeeeeee:smoking:
  4. Usually dealers just make up names. I'm sure if you go with eather one you will be pleased. Or if your dealer is nice enough he will let you observe both types.
  5. why not get an 8th of both?
  6. look at both strains, then choose.

    if grown right, i'd go with cheese
  7. cheese is always been a strain i've liked.

    the smell is very noticeable and very distinct. Although if your dude's legit and the white widow is lookin good. hop on that shit. top notch son
  8. go see which one looks better. one may have been grown or cured a little better. under perfect conditions i'd probably go with the white widow, but again they're both great strains so see which one is in the best condition
  9. i would get half and half so you have both to toke. 2 is better then one!!
  10. Please notice my edits in this thread, and learn from them.

    If I lived in UK and someone asked me if I wanted Cheese or WW, id say Cheese. But since I dont live there, Id prolly say WW.

    But, like everyone said, id look at em both before picking
  11. Lol, you you want to feel like a piece of cheese, or get a mega fucking head high, is the question.... You got 2 completely different high's on the menu, decide what your gonna be doin while high with this sack...maybe if you got shit to do cheese is better, wont be as hard to think, but it will be harder to move, or maybe just gotta go just be in fucking nature, the widow will get you that epic nature head high. If it is what they say it is, and its grown well atleast.
  12. yo i hooked mmy buddy up with an o of cheese and not only does it smell like cheese its also ridiculous...ww on the other hand is tough to know if its legit or not...cheese is crazy dank tho get the cheese
  13. ^^ you cant tell if its cheese either man...unless you know the grower hahah, white widow i would say has more generally "obvious" traits than cheese.

  14. i know what u mean..but it actually smelled like cheese. the smell was very distinct. whether it was straight cheese or a cross, you could easily tell there was cheese in it. but i agree...go with what looks better and depends on thehigh you prefer
  15. haha yea, my dispensary has some "so gouda" cheese x chemdog x blueberry hahahahah so tasty
  16. haha jealous man i wish there were dispensaries out here
  17. Both are probably fake names, so just get what looks better.
  18. you mean wrong names, both are definitly real names hahahaha jk man im splittin hairs
  19. Well that would depend on which one was grown/manicured better.

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