White Widow Take #2

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    Hello welcome to my newest journal.

    My old one i had alot of problems with the plant because of heat stress, ive now upgraded my cab to a argos tent which cost £15! its realy good.

    anyway the first plant IS still alive but i dont have the greatest of hopes for it.

    New plant broke the soil 9 days ago, and its had ALOT better growth than my other plant.

    Nevermind my skinny mate stod there with his top off, he was very very stoned and said he was hot. Anyway this tent is 50cm deep 90cm wide and 140cm tall, its realy pretty good, orderd some black white plastic but it hasnt arrived yet:(

    New lighting fixtures put onto a large peice of wood, cost me £31 in total to set that up but that included price of a new screwdriver and alot of other things irrelavant to the lighting, its currently running 110watts of cfls.

    Here it is after 9 days of growth, white widow feminized :)

    Its doing realy well and iveonly slightly nuted.

    using some organic top soil with perlite at 60% soil 40% perlite. and the plant seems to love it!

    Using MG dilutable nutes which are 24 - 8 - 16 going to find somthing better for flowering.

    Anyway with the UVB, after watching a video on youtube called UVB, THC and me i decided to use my UVB bulb during flowering, the rumor is that UVB insreases the ammount of trich's on the plants and gives it an increased ammount of THC.

    theory is that THC is produced to stop the UVB being directed onto the top of the disk cell on the trich, which the main globe directs light onto, so canabanoids get turnd into THC faster and into larger ammounts.

  2. Looking good bro
  3. Subscribed! :hello::wave::smoking:
  4. Well my girl didnt get much sleep lastnight, well i hope she got none because i love her growth rate! 24HR light and she seems to love it.



    shes dong very well for me, i think soil will be my growing method from now on with all my plants, not even a hint of any nute defs, nute burn ect.

    Still making my timelapse which will be a picture taken every 12 hours and boy dont i notice the growth between each picture.
  5. Looks like soil is working out much better for you, cograts. Hope its a girl.
  6. nice healthy baby you got there. congrats and will keep up with your grow. :hello:
  7. fem seed:)
  8. Its all gowing well for you man! Keep it up!
  9. cheers mels, day 11 picture update


  10. Looking great :hello: I am going to keep an eye on this thread. Keep the pictures coming!!
  11. good job so far

    you can do a lot with cfls
  12. yea cfls are pretty amazing, odour eating ones, UVB, if the uvb does increase thc and triches, ill never use anything different.
  13. Day 12 and isnt she a beauty?



    pretty hot in my room atm, so the cabs temp has risen, its usually about 26C, humidity stays around 45 - 50%

    and my stupid ass parrot, hes not very nice, hell have your finger off if he can, i woke him up at 2am to take this pic, TAKE THAT TOBY YOU VISCIOUS PARROT
  14. day 13 still going strong.

    btw if anybody wants to know how im nuting, i nute every watering but with a tiny ammount of nutes in the water, probably 1/4 of whats recommended, seems to be working sofar.



    not many people commenting :(
  15. plant looks healthy and keep up the good work.
  16. Looking good, nice and healthy. Hope mine turn out like this :)
  17. wow its looking great! *Subscribes*
  18. Well...your off to a good start.
    Good luck!
  19. damn man, its picking up fast!!! i think i may give mine a squirt more nutes now that i see you do yours every watering! you say every water 1/4 strength? how often do you water? i am watering mine daily, sometimes twice daily lol
  20. i water when an inch under the toil soil is abit dry.

    day 14, thats right shes had 336+ hours of light now and shes going strong!


    5 fingerd leaves

    growth coming nicely at my nodes

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