White Widow Super Silver Haze Grow

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    Welcome lads to Whatanoob's CFL budget grow. The Widow was planted January 12 and the Super Silver Haze Jan 15. The SSH is pictured first then the older Widow. Soil is Scott's topsoil from Home Depot. Haven't fed nutes yet. Under 9 23w 5000k and 2700k lights around 12k lumens. 
    Enjoy  :bongin:

  2. Also the 2 cotyledon leaves on the last plant (White Widow) are yellowing, can anyone help me out and explain why?
    The soil is pure topsoil no fertilizers and I only water the plants, no fertilizers. 
  3. You need to get that into a smaller pot bro while there roots are not to long and add some perlite in that soil.

    If I must only have a little bit of something I want the best

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