White Widow, Super Lemon Haze 1000w HPS DWC SCRoG

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  1. New journal, here we go!

    On March 13 I germed 2 seeds, a feminized White Widow (G-13 Labs) and a feminized Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seed Co.), these ladies are clones from those.

    These ladies started veg on 4/28/2010. I put too much pH down with them initially and stunted their growth for over a week. They're looking good now and I have them scheduled to start 12/12 next Wednesday, May 26.

    The White Widows have a 600w cool tube HPS lamp on them, and the Super Lemon Hazes have a 400w HPS lamp above them.

    In a few days I'll put up those screens. Each one is 4x4 and made of 1/4 pvc and some sort of plastic fencing I got at Lowes (2'x25' roll for $9), the square holes are 2"x2".

    Today the ppm (0.5 conversion, TDS meter) of the WW is 426 and the SLH is 432. Neither of my pH meters are working correctly, so the pH is unknown at this time. But, I know from previous experience what the pH is when I mix up nutes. So, when I switch them to 12/12 I won't be concerned about it.

    Also, the temps are steadily climbing everyday. The ambient temp is about 84F right now. I have a 440 CFM vortex fan that I need to hook up to the 600w lamp. I've been too lazy to hook it up cause that means I'm gonna need to exhaust it somewhere, think I got that part figured out though. Just need to get my ass in gear and install it.

    That's about it for now, pretty boring stuff atm. It'll get much more exciting in about 6 weeks :smoke:

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  2. HIGH All, great Description of your Grow Wasabe....*LOL* hope you Get O.F.F.F. your Lazy Ass and get it installed soon.
  3. Thanks! And, thanks for dropping in :wave:

    That's what I needed to hear! Sometimes I can't get motivated to do something for myself and need others to tell me to do it lol.

    Got the exhaust fan and the carbon filter up and running. I didn't go with what I had planned, so I used my 4.5" hole saw to drill a hole in the ceiling and shoved the fan into the hole (6" fan with 4" reducer on the end). Good thing I don't rent lol

    Turns out that adding the fan to the circuit was too much for the breaker. So, I replaced it with a slightly bigger one that I had laying around. Now half the ceiling lights in the house won't come on :rolleyes:

    No worries, I'll figure that one out at some point :smoke:

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  4. Lookin' good man!

    This is my favorite tool in the garden, especially when dealing with electrical issues. :D


    you're gonna like that light being air cooled. :cool:
  5. Hi hi hi and thank you! :wave:

    What is that in the pic? A fire alarm?
    I have one of those outside the room but now that you mention that I have another brand new fire alarm that I really should put inside the room. Good call, thanks again :smoke:
  6. can never have too many smoke alarms. :D

    always here to help man! Plants are lookin' really good! :cool:

  7. NOT GOOD!!! If you replaced your old breaker with a bigger one and didnt change the size of the wire, you have a circuit thats is being over amp'd and could cause a fire. just my 2 cents.

    wire size = amps
    4 Gauge = 60amps
    6 Gauge = 50amps
    8 Gauge = 40amps
    10 Gauge = 30amps
    12 Gauge = 20amps
    14 Gauge = 15amps
  8. May 26, 2010 // Day 1 Flower

    Right on schedule, started 12/12 today and changed the bubble tubs to flower nutes. I also hung the screens. The day begins at 9pm and ends at 9am, I feel this will make the best use of the A/C considering the climate.

    Still nothing very exciting going on atm, but here's a few pics. :smoking:

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  9. I just sampled some White Widow from a flowering lady from a different area that's 33 days into flower and whoa baby, I am flippin' bombed. Whooooooooo Can't wait to get up on some that's been properly harvested and cured. :smoking:
  10. Bad bad bad!

    I see right now you are a 'picker'. How do you manage to wait out the cure time? It must KILL you.
  11. LOL, yes I am terrible. I can't grow enough pot to keep up with me, that's why I expanded my grow.

    June 3 // Day 8 Flower

    The screen is beginning to fill in some now. I don't remembered if I mentioned, but the SLH in the bottom left (first 3 pics), for some reason, was barely affected by the low pH I had when they first began veg. So, she is huge compared to any of the rest.

    I think next grow I may lower the screens by about 5-6 inches, we'll see how this grow finishes. :smoking:

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  12. Nice Grow Man.:smoking:

    "big game at the bellagio"... i fancy me some poker too. in fact its been my job for the past 5 years. (dealing... best in NorCal hands down) I wouldn't say im a pro player, and i wont see you at the big game anytime soon, but GL to you... and shouldn't you be over at the Rio for the WSOP that just started.

    Anyhow... I'll be watching from here on in you can count on that. need me some ideas on the SCROG stuff for next month when my babies will be there. :hello:
  13. Nice grow bro. You got a harvest date in mind? Seems like you may have started scrogging a little too early. Who am I to talk though, i vegged for 4 weeks and now they are overgrowing my room!!!
  14. Thanks! I wish I was in Vegas, just a "recreation player" right now. In a couple years, who knows :D

    Thanks! Projected harvest date is 60 days from 12/12 switch. I'll probably let the SLH go a couple weeks longer. I chose to flower at 15" and to put the screen 21" above bubble tub is because that's how Rumple does it. :D

    June 12, 2010 // Day 17 Flower

    I stopped training the tops under the screen a couple days ago. Now, all I'll do is move the lights up and keep water in the reservoir for the next 6 weeks, the rest takes care of itself.

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  15. lookin good! i'm lookin forward to seeing the flowers. keep us posted
  16. Day 23 Flower

    The Super Lemon Hazes have been stretching like crazy the past several days. The White Widows haven't gained much height but are filling in nicely.

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  17. HIGH All, holy Shit Wasabe did they grow since the Last time I was Here.....and yes is That SL ever stretching eh!!!

    Looking Good Bro!!!
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    Thank you kindly! I've been moving the light above the SLHs just about everyday, the tallest branches are now 22 inches above the screen :eek:. I'm confident that they are done stretching...if not I only have about another foot I can raise the light.

    White Widow still on schedule to harvest July 25. SLHs, however, will probably get the harvest date pushed back to August 4.

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  19. Day 28 Flower

    Think I was right about the SLH stretching, haven't had to raise the light over them since last post. WWs are going beautifully, gaining about an inch every day or 2.

    Sadly, after 2 dozen pics, this is the best I have. One day I'll get a proper cam so I don't have to use my cell.

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  20. Day 31 Flower

    SLHs still looking thin, but I'm sure they'll be quite a bit more impressive in a couple weeks.

    White Widow is living up to her name. Looks like Tinkerbell sprinkled the ladies with pixie dust and they're about to fly off to Never Never Land. :D Harvest in 29 days and already I wanna lick the sugar off the lollypop :p

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