White Widow Stem Nastyness NEED HELP please

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ThinkWeed, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I recently started running a hydro system on my first batch of White Widow. Two of my plants have in the past 2 days developed a black substance running up the stem only along the bottom above the roots. One plant has even developed a root that has placed itself above surface and continues to expand. Ive even noticed a yellow-orangish sack like an eye bugger on the stems that falls off at an instant and feels like litle grains of wet sand ( but I mean little grains) Please help with feed back below our several pictures. Oh and one plants leafs are starting to curl, well have been curled for several days but are still soft no hardness developing. Look forward to some feedback and enjoy your night everyone...

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  2. Looks like you have bad root rot imho.
  3. whats the cause of the problem and how should I handle the situation. The streaks of black dont go up past any branches is stationed right at lower level of the stems. And possible causes?
  4. From yours 3 pics I cant identify what's causing it, but I don't like how your dripper is making your plant grow roots above your medium. Anyway I would try rinsing your medium with tap water trying to get off as much slime as possible then use h2o2/peroxide. Your root rot is already affecting your stem so you may lose this plant, gl bro
  5. Its a sad world this planet. Yea Root Rot is what Ive been getting from multiple viewers. And tips on the dripper and its location. Im actually about to be in the process of re-adjusting my whole grow situation, do to moving. So Im about to start up a whole new process. But yea Ima try what I can to save em. Ima flush the whole system tonight and attempt to clean the stems and start on a weak nutrient blend. But yes again any tips on the dripper or systems in general Im all ears.

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