White widow ready to harvest?

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  1. [​IMG]
    its kinda hard to see the red hairs in these.
    and here's one of the buds on the side of the plant:
    looks delicious:p

    my camera isn't the best, and combined with the light in my closet its difficult to get a decent pic of the trichs. but i have exelent vision, and also have a magnifying glass, and as far as i can tell they are nearly all cloudy white.

    also, as you can tell, alot of the hairs are turning red.

    about how long would you say till i should chop this thing down? pics are from yesterday.
  2. Looks great :)
  3. give it another week or 2
  4. once u start to c brown in the hairs then estimate 3 more weeks and stop the ferts 10 days before u chop it down. 3 weeks is an estimate, use your own judgement according to the trichs
  5. never used ferts. just some really bomb soil and some goat shit. :) its a pure white widow crossed with some crazy funky strain my buddy couldn't remember since he has 75 plants and gave me this one a while back. it was a straight up bush for a while, and i have been trimming probably on average 2 leaves daily for the past two weeks. leaves that were blocking light from getting to buds.

    there are brown hairs in every bud except a couple of the popcorn buds at the bottom of the plant.

    do you think 7-10 days from now would be a good time?

    the plant is only 16 inches tall, and it looks like i might get about a half o once dry. i'm stoked.

    edit: also, will the thrichs turn clear or amber next?
  6. Nahh yo wait till those buds are swolen and the 3/4 of the plant is covered in reddish brown pistils (hairs); also, wait till the trichomes are foggy/ amber colored
  7. Hey, I recomend picking and trying it out. Then again, that is some very potent looking stuff. You'll probably be gone after one hit. I suggest waiting a week or so and seeing if growth continues.
  8. i can actually notice growth every day. i'm waiting till all the hairs turn brown, then harvest. it should be real soon, every day there are more and more, and the buds get fatter and fatter.

    and to top it off, i already have 3 blueberry durban plants going.
  9. I would say you have at least two more weeks before you want to chop those, they should swell up more than that and darken a bit more, also alot more crystals, so yeah at least two weeks, maybe upto four! My WW has only been in for 2 weeks and its the buds are only a little bit smaller then those look!

  10. the plant has been on 12/12 under 5 26 watt CFLs for just about 4 weeks. the cola is as big around as a quarter, and the other heady buds arent much smaller. and keep in mind my plant is not much bigger than a foot tall, how big is yours?

  11. Mine are probably 3-4 foot tall, however how long it takes to reach maturity isnt based on height etc... its literally based on the plants cycle, and being under CFL's usually extends the process as opposed to HPS or the magical sun :p I would seriously recommend leaving them to crystal up for another 3-4 weeks at least, 60 days flowering in total may just cut it, but 65 would probably be ideal.

    I dont actually know how big a quarter is, im in the UK :p but I know my CFL grow had buds about an inch and a half, too two inches wide and about 6-7 inches long!
  12. nice lookin plant you got there. More pics!!

    My plant looks surprisingly similar to yours, hard to compare the leaf shape though. Mines just random bagseed.

    I'll be back for some final results! :)

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