White Widow (Pics)

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  1. These seeds are from Dutch passion, and they were planted December 18th. Grown in Foxfarms ocean forest with all foxfarm products. There is a total of three plants here, and in addition to the foxfarms products i am also feeding with budswell bat guano. Mmmmm smells so bomb and its not even done yet !!!!!!!

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  2. Here is another picture of my babies. They are aprox about 2 and a half weeks into flowering.

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  3. muey bueno senor!
  4. good stuff they look tasty but a little stretched, could have employed LST and got some even better results.
  5. Yea, the one plant you can see is a little stretched, but i think thats because of its genetics. The other two are very short and the buds are very close and compact. I have them under 800 watts of light.
  6. Couple more shots.

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  7. Looks sweet !!! :D
  8. Just switched to beastie bloomz nutrients, i will post pictures of the plants in a few days so u can see the difference this makes.
  9. VERY nice White Whidows. What a beauty of a strain. I bet your on moon eleven with that stuff right now. I got some Hash Plants goin right now myself, they definatley bud with a different appearance then the crystal dominated white whidow.
  10. Yea, for sure. this plant has so much thc crystals eveywhere. omg, my plants usually get thc on them but not this much this early. this strain looks very promising
  11. are these your first white widows?

    They do look great already!

    I have my first ww seedlings just started, am looking forward to trichs like that!

    good job
  12. Yea this is my first white widow grow. I have tried a few different strains but this one looks very nice. Heres another beautiful picture.

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  13. Oh by the way, that picture was take with a canon powershot g9 on manual mode; shutter speed 1/60, aperture value 2.8, iso speed 80.
  14. Some more shots! All of these pictures i posted are focused on only one plant, and that plant is the one with the most thc all over it. The other two plants that i dont really focus on are barley starting to produce thc however the other two plants have a very heavy and dense budset. I hope the other two plant will have as much thc as this one.

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  15. So you only vegged those babies for a month?
  16. Yea pretty much, once the got about 2 feet tall i started to flower them. The day i sprouted the seeds was Dec 18th. I induce flowering only a couple of weeks ago, they are budding super fast.
  17. they are coming along really nicely, good job!
  18. Nice grow, keep up the good work!
  19. did you LST them before they got 2 feet tall?
  20. I dont know what lst exactly is. However i did train the branched to grow out so more light could reach the bottom growth.

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