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White Widow Pick-up (Pic)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. I picked some more white widow up yesterday. I've been smoking this for a while and love it. The sativa 60/ indica 40 is a pretty good balanced high. This stuff is reallly stinky and very frosty. I wish I had a camera other than my cell phone though.

    no subject 1.jpg
  2. Looks dank as hell!

    This should be moved to the stash jar though.
  3. Yeah I know, I just hate how there are barely any viewers in the stash jar section. I always love looking at people's pick ups no matter what thread I'm in though.
  4. Is this Sativa or Indica?
  5. It's both (60/40). Hybrids are great :smoke:
  6. how much for the quarter? or eighth or whatever you bought?
  7. It's 50 an 8th, but I bought a quarter for $100 (this is definitely not the quarter lol. this was just a few nugs before lighting up). For living in Indiana, it's not too bad of a deal.
  8. oooh. looks good.

    though i prefer indica dominant hybrid.
  9. I picked up some widdow last week I LOVE it.. Really smooth smoke and taste.

  10. Oh and my son has the Droid X that sucker has a freeking awesome camera on it. He gets really great macro pics with it. Our cell phones are doing away with the smaller cheaper cameras. I still have my big Canon but I snap tons of photos with my cell.

  11. Hey dude I live in Indiana too :D where do you get white widow fuck I can only get high mids
  12. What part of Indiana? Indiana can either have some shit or some dank. No matter where, it's always who you know.

  13. Knightstown like 45 Min away from Indy
  14. This is my favourite strain so far. I've got like 0.5g left of the quarter I bought a few weeks back and I cant find anymore anywhere.
    I'm saving it for a rainy day.

    Congrats man, enjoy!

  15. Thank you man. Why are so many people doubting this is white widow?
  16. 100 a q had better be white widow but you seem like a smart guy so it probably is
    and it looks frosty as flakes
  17. Looks like some dank herb man, just picked up some Purple Masterkush myself
  18. Nice pick up bro, looks dank as hell
  19. thats the back in the day bud for me man
  20. really? explain some more.

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