White widow or russian problem

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  1. Hi,
    I try to grow indoor white widow and white russian cannabis.
    I use soil and 600w hps lamp 18/6 temperature max 26-29 (i use fan with high speed and controlled to plants) if the lamp is on.
    Im on a second week growing phase but my plants not growing and the top leaf is yellow and slowly water drink the soil is wet :(
    I use 6-6.5 ph water with basic nutrient and the EC is 800-900.
    I add water with nutrition and two days later water with superthrive.(one plant/800ml water)
    I attached photos.
    Can i possible i added to much nutrition to my plants? Or to much water?
    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Just some of my thoughts before someone more knowledge gets in.

    You need at least 40% perlite in that soil.

    It looks too wet which is a common problem with my garden. If you pick it up and it's heavy don't water again till you pick it up and it's light.

    And I typically don't use any nutrients until the plant is about a month old. The watering too much is a big problem along with soil that doesn't drain well.
  3. Indeed 40% perlite is ideal here

    but 30% is a better number

    over watering as above steals the air from the soil and yes plants need as much air as water

    perlite does that plus reduces any chance of root compaction too

    look to the soil and the plant will grow itself

    IMO: replace the soil with a quality soil, as then you save of the plant food

    to my profile on free weed books: https://forum.grasscity.com/members/vostok.117494/

    good luck

    ps feed 1x time per week, when watering lift pot first THINK: then water if needed
  4. Okay i buy perlite and add to my soil.

    I use quality soil (plagron lightmix)
  5. Plagron – Lightmix – 50 Litres
    • Plagron – professional quality products for professional results!
    • Available in 5ol
    • Pre-fertilised for one week for a fast start
    • Rapid rooting through low EC value
    • >Available with or without perlite (non-perlite)
    • Can be combined with other Plagron products
    Pre-fertilised for one week for a fast start

    is what screw you up

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest is the best commercial foir me with 25% perlite added

    or ask the old peeps near you what thery use for tomatoes

  6. Thank you for the answer.
    In my opinion i use plagron lightmix with perlite i dont see on the bag the non perlite subtitle.
    I buy and add more perlite to my soil and i hope solve the problem. :)

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