White Widow odor during flower?

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  1. Hi all, I just popped a seedsman white widow seed, but am used to growing low odor strains. (Master Kush, Northern Lights, Green Ninja etc...)

    I'm wondering how strong the odor is with White Widow late flower?
  2. I've run plenty of White Widow and if done right, STRONG!
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  3. Crap, I was afraid of this, I might have to kill this poor little seedling. Thanks much.
  4. its not that bad i grow in an apartment and have grown it dont kill it
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  5. OK, I think I'll try a little trick as I dont have the heart to kill her. Instead of letting her get huge, I'll run her in small pots and flip to flower early. A few colas and 1-2 gallon pots will hopefully keep her small, reducing odor.

    The "lower" odor strains I've grown still get stinky after week 6 of flower. My carbon filter removes 99% of the odor, but opening my cabinet is pretty smelly. I just have no idea how smelly normal stains are as I havent grown one yet.

    Any chance anyones grown Northern Lights and White Widow to compare odor levels for me?
  6. don't worry it will be so strong & smell so much you will get noseblind & hardly notice it. Like living near a rr track. lol. I thought that smell was the objective. sucks for u guys on the lo-lo.
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  7. Yep, it does suck to have a hidden grow for sure, especially at harvest. I'm jealous of you guys that can grow without worrying about smell.

    Its pretty amazing though that I can get 1-2 oz's of weed from my grow cabinet without anyone knowing. I don't have to buy weed anymore, I have more than I need. My wife stands inches from my cabinet as well without knowing. If the power ever goes out and my carbon filter turns off I'm screwed. (I may install a UPS)
  8. Oh it smells, but so do the neighbor with the greenhouse's orchids, I don't complain about their smell. Use my lines "it must be coming from over there", "I can't smell/grow shit", "got a warrant narc?"
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  9. I'm a Dad with teens. Although I am not against smoking weed, I really dont want them to know I'm doing it. My wife as well, but thats a long story. I'm a recovering alcoholic and my wife would think I traded one vice for another. Two very different drugs ! I smoke late at night only, once a day before bed. I'm not drinking a bottle of vodka a day, but she wouldnt understand.

    I did have a little scare last grow with Northern Lights though in week 9 of flower. She came down and said "it smells like weed". I laughed it off but it scared the shit out of me.

    I buy incense in bulk now and have it going continually for my "meditation".... works great
  10. They will find out, if they don't know already. Lying to your wife never ends well.
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    I think they do know, but its a hush hush thing for good reasons I cant explain. There are bags of Fox Farm soil, nutrients and all kinds of clues left out. Its only my bud that stays locked in a safe. (yes I grow in a safe)....
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. I was about to ask why you're stuck with WW, then I re-read your post. DOH!!
    You also might wanna consider trying Ozium spray. That shit literally hides everything! lol My wife knows I smoke it and HATES the smell of weed, but this keeps her happy. Good luck!!
    Tried uploading a pic, but the site wouldn't let me.
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  14. I'm using a carbon filter with a fan and it takes away almost all odor. Its just the last few weeks that it becomes noticable (slightly). I'll check out the ozium, good tip thanks. I use ONA gel out side my grow cabinet and it masks the escaping odor pretty good....
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  15. So, since I'm not sure I can let this plant grow, I decided to make a switch from soil to Coco. No soil this round, we'll see how it goes.
  16. "a dad with teens", so you already have a dealer then? JK
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