White widow max Autoflower DWC 400mh/hps

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by Lindsay 420, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. So after mega success with Bluetooth :) I'm running a white widow max this time had awsome results on this strain in soil so thought why not give her a got in the big girl bucket
    3x3 jungle room tent
    400 hps/ mh
    15lt bucket to start then into 35 lt tub once really pumping
    Will be supercroping the shit out it so pull up a stool n watch the punishment you can give an autoflower n the reward she gives you back for it
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  2. Well after having to start again a week after putting widow seedling in the new widow seedling is taking off nicely already showing sex which is bit early for my liking but gotta go with it lol roots are starting to hit the water now so growth should speed up a little more over the next week hopefully be big enough to start to supercrop her with 2 weeks which will allow me to push couple more weeks growing before she sta bud
  3. Can’t wait to see how she does!
  4. I'd forgot about this post lol she failed :( had space issues had to transplant into coco n ended up looking shit so I cut my losses n started new one in coco which has ended up pretty big n flowering nicely ;)
  5. Sorry to hear that I’m working on my first grow if you want to take a peek everything is smooth so far I just hope I make it to the end.

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