White Widow LST'd in Rubbermaid DONE! pics

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    Hey GC:

    Been drying for a week and I'm finally done with it. I trimmed up all the plants and was really shocked by the weights.

    Plant 1: 17.54 grams
    Plant 2: 15.81 grams
    Trimmings: 29.53 grams

    Total Weight: 33.35 grams (1.176 oz)
    Trimmings: 29.53 grams (1.035 oz)





    Sorry for the handwritten links but GC won't let me double post pics from my journal. Just wanted to see what you all think! Thanks for all the help GC!
  2. looks like real nice bud. I figured you would get more yield than that damn...
  3. Yeah it didn't end up as dense as I figured it would but I needed a zip to break even so I at least did that. I was really honestly predicting about a half oz basically...
  4. Looks good. I hope I can get enough to break even with what I would've spent at the local dispensary... I enjoyed following your journal.

    I need at least 2 zips to "break even" I've spent about $350, and really don't have much to show for that amount... I currently have 216w of T5's and 156w of cfl's.

    can't rep you... must spread more... :(
  5. Even if you don't break even this time, you will easily make your money back in the future. Look long term, not just this harvest.

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