white widow issues

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  1. Hi all. I'm presently 5 weeks into flowering and my whole plant look like in the picture.
    I've just flushed the plant and gave it a half dose of fertilizer. I'm making the assumption that is was caused my over fertilization.

    Do you think I'm on the right track?

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  2. What kind of setup do you have?

    Whats the pH?

    A little more information would go a long way when diagnosing problems.
  3. The ph is around 6.8, indoor setup with 400w hps light and the soil is Miracle-Gro. A weeks ago I gave her a full dose of 24-8-16 Miracle-Gro and maybe let her go a little too dry. When I checked three days later most of the fan leafs had turned yellow. I removed the yellow fan leafs, flushed and gave a half dose of Fertlizer 15 30 15. The above picture is what I'm left with.

  4. just a question.. if your flushing the soil because u think u gave too many nutes then why would u give more nutes? if the plants are suffering cuz of too many nutes wont more nutes hurt it still? even if u did flush?

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