White Widow indoor growing without artificial light,is this possible?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by illegal_I, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Hello there
    Nice community here i must say :hello:
    I recently bought some white widow feminized seeds and I am willing to plant them as soon as possible.The think is that I don't have time and space atm to provide the plants the best possible conditions to grow,such as artificial light and stuff. I wonder if it is possible for the plant to grow indoors with the daylight. I don't want or have the enthusiasm to grow the perfect super bud think,it's more like an experiment to get familiar with the whole growing process.
    Any suggestions or personal experiences are welcome and much apreciated!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Growing plants indoors using sunlight only works well if it's a green house. If you put them in a room with windows to set them in front of, you might just confuse the shit out of the plants (limited light schedule). If they get limited light I expect the yield would be low (scraggly ass buds).

    Depending on where you are in the world and if they'll get a lot of light, it might be a bit early for you to to plant. The days are getting longer, those plants will be giants by the time fall rolls around. I don't know how high your windows are, but I bet the tips wouldn't be getting much light.

    Why start a grow if you have neither the time or space? If you spent good money on WW (and feminized at that), you'll be wasting them if you don't put a lot more effort into it.

    If you want to experiment, use some bagseed to get the feel for what plants do.
  3. Depending on how big this window is, and how much exposure to the light it gets, and if its the morning sun or the eavning, are all things to take into account when trying a window grow.
    It can easily be done with great results, but for now i suggest you just start the plant off infront of the window for the first month or so and see how well it does health wise, by that point in time (depending on where you are) you should be able to plant it outside, so if it isnt going as expected move her outside.
  4. Thanks for your answer

    As I said, I don't expect much of this, I just want to experiment and with good quality seeds I think there will be better results (if any :D) than unknown quality seeds.

    Anyway, the apartment windows are pretty tall,and from that period of time the plants can receive 12 + hours of natural light per day.
    I searched a lot to find as much information possible,all I need to know here is if I have a chance to grow some plants with these conditions.

  5. I can't move the plant outside,due to security reasons
    The only thing I am not sure about ,is that its hard for the plant to get direct sunlight (I mean sunrays directly to the plant). I don't know if this gonna work. Any ideas?
  6. Of course you have a chance, where theres a will theres a way. Your just not going to be getting the maximum results out of that strain you paid some nice cash for.
    If growing by the window is a must throughout the whole grow i would rotate the pot every frew days to try to offer equal amounts of light over the whole plant.
    As stated before, windows in houses these days are ment to filter out most "harmful sun rays" that are harmful to us, but quite benificial to plants, so if its possable to move it outside directly under the big burning star in the sky i would be putting most of my attention in that area.
  7. Thanks for the tip Satan
    If I could , I would definitely put the pots under the sun.It's a bit risky though due to neighbors , I want to be sure for what I am going to do.

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