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    I started to grow white widow 17 days ago. The PH is 6.5 to 6.8.
    I grow in soil of coco and the plant looks like this:




    I think he's too small or am I mistaken? Is growing under cfl bulb of 2x25 W lamp near the plant. What am I doing wrong, how to make Ltzha larger. The temperature ranges from 24 to 27 and a fan always in the direction of the plant 24 hours of light.
    I have a fertilizer of the GROW Biobioz .how many times you should water with fertilizer every Irrigation or one time with fertilizer and the next time just good ph water

    Thanks for helpers.....
  2. Coco pH should be 6. Biobizz Grow is very low in Phosphorus and P deficiency can cause the damage you're seeing.
  3. Thanks for the answer So what do you propose to do by the way this is my first grow. So do not use bio grow? And PH level should be Exactly 6?If you can give me more tips for my plant
  4. Nono, if you use the Bio-Grow, you should add a high-Phosphorus fertilizer to the solution. No one fertilizer has just the right amounts of everything that every plant needs, and needing to create a mix of multiple ferts to keep your plants healthy is normal.

    Exactly 6? Probably not. If I remember correctly, the ideal pH for coco is more precisely about 5.9, but I'd need to double check to be sure.
  5. After all, how the plant looks fine? Worth to continue to grow it

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