white widow harvest (600w)

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    here's some pics of my beauties i just chopped down @ day 67 flowering bit earlier than i would have liked but had a few buds that got mold issues so i paniced lol

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  2. Looks tasty. I too have ww in my grow and they are looking better than other strains. So frosty give me a smoke report when you can
  3. Im on day 24 with my ww imchopping at day 60 like rumple he said thats when he gets the best effect plus i dont want to much indica stone to it i wanna be able to function. I chopped a northern lights at day 65 and lemme tell ya itll put u on the couch for a whole fuckin movie lol u get the munchies but can move to eat haha. What breeder are thos ww? Let us know how they smoke. Oh and how tall were they when u cut? Oh also let us know a dry weight if u can lol looks good man gets me pumped to cut.
  4. there greenhouse seeds, final height was just over 3 foot.
    i can tell u one thing for sure in the last 3days tric production went thro the roof, it was like every day some1 had sparyed them with trics and there supposed to go like that for a full week at the end which is why i didnt really want to chop them down just yet but me dehum broke and got into some mold issues. will post final weight soon as i kno.

    man the munchies suck lol but atleast it will be counter acted by not being able to move to feed urself :p

    thanks for the feedback

  5. Haha no kiddin man well nice harvest bro
  6. Those are some good lookin' buds. Nice job!
  7. early smoke report, very smooth on the throat but not much taste sure it will improve there tho, its a very heady high feels like ur eyeballs are being kicked in from the inside lol

    its devastating how small the buds are now and how light they are, its still tacky and needs a little bit more drying but weight as it stands atm is 515g if i had to guess i would say when its completly dry there will be around 400-440g
  8. nice job dude.. how many plants was the 500g from in total? looked like you only had coupe pants :O
  9. 4 plants total.

    tried 8x chesse in the same space last time and got 320g, so things are going in the right direction lol
  10. some dry this was prolly 4x the size it once was only a few days ago :(

    crystaly as hell tho and real strong so cant complain once its cured should be awesome :)

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