White Widow growing really slowly?

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  1. Hi all, this is my first grow so maybe I'm just being paranoid, but comparing my plant to time lapse videos and pictures of other peoples' White Widow grows, it seems abnormally small for its age. It is 16 days old and only measures 2 inches tall. But at the same time it has a few nodes developed. It has 2 fully developed nodes with the third node about half the size of the second, with the beginnings of the 4th and 5th node just visible at the top. But what seems weird to me is that it has very little stem development. The main stem doesn't seem to be thickening up. I have a fan blowing on it, but the main stem is purple, not green like a growing stem and is 2-3 mm thick. The nodes also don't have very much stem development, less than a centimeter of stem attaches the leaves to the plant's main stem.

    It's under a 400W MH 12-18 inches away running 18/6 with a yeast colony in a 2 liter bottle for a little extra CO2 with 1/4 strength MG liquid all purpose. It's planted in some fine sandy loam from my yard, and the temperatures stay around 76-80. Does that sound weird to anyone? A plant with almost 3 full nodes that's only 2 inches tall with small stems? So if anyone with experience with White Widow could let me know what they think, I would really appreciate it!
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  2. everything sounds perfect except the sandy loam from outside, but 1st grow shouldn't be a big issue, better knowledge next time
  3. I can't see any pics on my phone bc they aren't showing but at 17 days from seed it would probably only be like 6 inches tall

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  4. That what I've seen in other peoples' pictures, so I'm really confused about why mine is only 2 inches tall. Could it have been a bad seed or something? It's a feminized seed from ILGM. It's growth looked normal up until about 2 weeks when it slowed down.
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  5. Well, they all grow different. It may start slow and then surprise you. Like I said, I can't see what kind of container it's in or anything but they will spend more time growing roots if they have room at first. Then you'll start seeing more vertical growth. They tend to grow faster when you start them in small containers like solo cups and then transplant after a few weeks. Also, the nodes being close together is a good thing. You want that.

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  6. I'm hoping it's the case where it's just a slow starter that's going to blow up in a week. It's growing in a solo cup cut in half right now. I'm planning on waiting until it has 5-6 nodes to transplant it to a big cloth pot I have. That's what I though at first about the nodes all basically being in the same place, because that should mean that it's getting more than enough light since it's not stretching at all, but it seems like it's just not growing much period. But I hope it's working on expanding its roots instead of just not really doing anything.
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  7. In my experience WW is a shorter but more stacked strain, 2 phenos both only got half or 3/4 the height of great white shark of the same company.

    But i found it to be very dense lots of close nodes hard to keep airflow adequate sometimes. Topped it once after 4 vertical nodes, also found it hard to clone.

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  8. So here's a little update. Today is day 24 of veg, and the plant has only grown half an inch since the last photos were taken (2.5 inches tall now). For some reason the site isn't letting me upload any more media, so that will have to wait until that issue is resolved.There's hardly any new node development, and I haven't seen any visible growth in days. If the pH is out of balance, could a nutrient lockout cause growth that is stunted this badly? I ordered the GH pH up/down with test kit, and Fox Farms nutes so I can have some nutes that are better than MG, and hopefully (fingers crossed), the problem is just pH lockout that can be fixed easily. Also, I've noticed that the first node is starting to pale a bit. Is this a cause for concern? The rest of the plant looks healthy besides the cotyledons which are pure yellow by now, but I know that's not a big deal.
  9. Did you start your widows from seed? This is my first grow with WW (hydro) and they seemed to take forever to grow from seed. They looked like miniature plants and I had almost given up on them when they finally started to take off and they haven't turned back since. A couple of my girls are tight and bushy-like, while the others have longer intermodal regions. Today marks the beginning of week 3 in flower and they're pushing 4.5ft tall. I have them under LEDs, as well. .... Hold out a bit longer if you can.
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  10. Yeah, it's started from seed. I'm about at the point of just saying screw it, and making a bonsai with it. But if there's some hope I can wait a bit longer. Exactly how long were your plants miniature for? That's a great description of mine, as you can see in earlier posts. The biggest leaves are only like an inch long. So when did they take off? my situation is little precarious too because I'm leaving the country at the end of August, so i really need to put it into flower by the middle or end of May at the absolute latest.
  11. Haha! I actually looked up the bonsai thing myself because I was going to throw in the towel and start anew but u read somewhere that plants started from seed often take longer to reach a certain point in growth... For me it was mostly due to putting them into their final pot (5gal I think) too soon and so they were over-potted(?). I think that's the term. Let me see if I can find a pic. They were tiny. Smaller than the palm of my hand but had at least 3 nodes lol. I would say make sure they're happy in all respects. I've run into pretty much every problem under the sun with this grow- my first ever- but I've learned a lot and I'm going to keep growing WW until I can perfect it (in my own way), and then move onto some of the sativa seeds I bought... Oh! And I got stronger LED panels during veg and right at the beginning of bloom and that seemed to make my girls hella happy, too. Lemme post a pic. And please don't criticize my lack in pruning, training, blah blah blah. I'm just glad they're alive. And damnit, I've grown a 100lb pumpkin before, so I WILL perfect this.

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  13. I just looked it up and it took them a good 2mos from germination until they reached a height of 14" and up.
  14. Jesus, those got huge! My plant has like 4.5 nodes going right now, but there is NO branching at all on the plant, so they are all basically growing right out of the main stem without their own branches. I mean, yes, the branches are there, but they're so short the plant doesn't "branch out" at all. I'm really determined to figure this strain out. I read it was easy for beginners to grow, but it's turning out to be really frustrating. Even more so with my deadline. So hopefully once my pH kit and new nutes get here she'll turn around...
  15. I felt the same exact way! I got WW because it's supposed to be good for beginners and blah blah blah. Boy oh boy, let me just say how glad I am to have chosen this strain because it's as resilient AF. Just tune into your girls' needs and everything should fall into place. Don't give up on them yet.
  16. Thanks for the encouragement, that really means a lot to me :) I'll just wait for my FF nutes and pH kit to come later this week, and ride it out to see how she does. And after my absence, I'll still have 9 seeds left, and I'm determined to figure this strain out 'till I can grow it in my sleep :love-mj2: And I like your new profile pic by the way, is that one of your girls?

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