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    Strain: White widow Feminized
    Date started: 6/05/11
    Lighting: CFL about 280-300w

    The soil is debco organic that says PH balanced? & Perlite
    the ratio would be i would say 6/4 and i am mixing more to repot
    I don't have any nutrients so help with that would be greatly appreciated.
    The soil seems to go fry ontop pretty quickly, i mist the top soil till theres a little run off and let it drain. but i am watering 4 times a day; too much?

    Anyway, here are pictures. I will update thoughout my whole grow and have BIGGER LIGHTS in the next day or so

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  2. Heres some more of the sprouts.
    How are they looking?

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  3. how goes the grow?

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