white widow grow with CFLs

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  1. i have never grown white widow before so i thought it would be worth writing a diary for anyone thats interested

    the seeds where bought from everbodydoesit.com about 6 years ago
    they are nirvana seeds

    i dropped them an inch deep in west+ compost mixed with perlite 2:1 ratio and gave it a good soaking. nothing fancy, water from the tap. they are under 2x 20watt cfls 6400k

  2. so a few days in i realised it was quite cold in there so i put a heat mat under them. the following day half of the seedlings had burst through the surface. a few hours later the rest came through

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    the next day i had realised i had left the heat mat on so they have stretched a little but its all good, they will be fine. they are all looking pretty healthy and all have sprouted so cant complain

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    i have moved them in to a bigger box now that there is some room in there. they are now under a 125w 6400k CFL
    they seem to be quite stretchy, far more stretchy than any other breed i have grown. im hoping this wont get any worse

  5. im in it. im working with ~170 watts (i think) of cfl, two spectrum and i have 5 plants. ideally, i want four. i only had 6 bubls but when i put 3 more in it made them grow noticeably faster

    get them even closer by putting something under their floor
  6. Yea closer and I would even say rotate pots around so there not growing crooked too. I'm subbed I have a similar grow journal going on as well about 9 days in. First grow I'm pretty stoked!

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  7. the bending is normal, theyre just reaching for the light. if you switch them around, they will have to spend time repositioning themselves.
  8. Nice, simple setup. Subbed.
  9. I'm diggin it! But yeah like everyone else said put something under them so they're closer, did that to mine and they shot up! Especially since you have a fan..... I can't get to close haha
  10. that last photo was taken just after I put them under that 125w lamp so they haven't positioned themselves to face the light perfectly yet. after an hour or so they would of so I don't want to move them.

    I don't want them any closer just yet because it gets pretty warm in there and I don't want them stretching anymore. when I check up on them tonight I'll see what its like and may put it closer if there is still a large gap. I'm concerned that they will come in contact with the bulb and burn. its not so much of a problem when they're larger but at this stage it would kill them. so basically I'm just playing it safe
  11. yeah..you can just leave them. they will stretch to where they want to be, then stop. thats the 'best' spot for them, and they find it themselves.

    expect some more stretching. i have my plants ~3" away from 6 cfls
  12. they are stretched quite a lot overall. I have never grown white widow before so I'm putting it down to genetics at the moment. those two small CFLs are well used, perhaps they need changing. come to think of it the 125w lamp could probably do with changing now too. I haven't renewed it for a while.

    I'm tempted now that its winter and bloody cold to get a bigger exhaust fan and buy a couple of 250w hps lamps for when I'm flowering
  13. I agree with bmeat. Let them stretch, they'll find their spot, when you transplant, just bury them deeper.
  14. I just checked on them and they haven't stretched up any more, I think it was probably because I left the heat mat on and it was a bit warm in there for them. I have brought the light down by about half the distance now I'm a little more confident that they will not carry on stretching. I'll check them again tomorrow just to make sure though
  15. just a photo update, nothing to report really

  16. i love your cfl fixture! i was wondering what i was gonna do with that old reflector...no longer!
  17. they are happy campers. good conditions. soil is like a pillow with minimal moisture
  18. Was wondering if you could elaborate your soil mix.

    "west+ compost mixed with perlite 2:1 ratio"

    What is west? Did you cook the soil at all or just plant straight away?
  19. Looking good so far. Flowering under HPS is a beautiful thing if you can afford it. I'll be watching.

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