White Widow GH Waterfarm (DWC)

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    Strain: seedsman white widow
    Light: 400w mh/hps
    Nutes: gh flora trio
    Space: 2' X 3' X 6'


    This is my first hydroponic grow. Using the classic GH Waterfarm system, I made the suggested modifications to it (extra holes + air stone/upgraded pump). Only other modification I wish I did was painting the exterior bucket black. If you don't do this light can still penetrate and your chances of root rot increase. I'm using the gh flora trio nutrients + mammoth p, calmag, hydroguard & sm-90. I've had very minimal issues in terms of deficiencies using this schedule here. I don't follow it exactly, but it's a good reference to start with.

    She's in week three of vegging and I'm probably going to do the switch in another week. Topped her twice so far... Had a couple small problems, nothing major. She started to develop root rot in week two but I got some hydrogaurd and that seems to have helped a lot. I also pointed a small fan directly at the hydroton sitting over my res, this method is called the "swamp cooler" and it keeps the water temp at a comfortable level without the use of a more expensive chiller.

    Anyways I'll be doing weekly updates, feel free to follow along and add your 2 cents

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  2. Looks good.

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  3. Looking promising! :weed:

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  4. She is looking good!
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  5. Woke up this morning to find TMV on several areas of my plant. It's my only plant so I have no reason to dispose but I'm still f*cking pissed about this. Really had my hopes up to keep this plant healthy. I don't smoke cigs so I don't even know what caused this to happen... Could it be an ecig? I use a ecig that contains nicotine

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  6. Went ahead and chopped her down. She stopped growing and took a turn for the worse pretty quick... Just couldn't justify the time & effort anymore, better luck on the next one haha. Thanks for reading!

    TMV sucks monkeyballs!

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