White widow flowering stretch.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Frankffs, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. yeah deep water culture bro.. google it and have a read.
  2. Just found some pics of my last grow let’s hope this one turns out just as well !!

    843A96AC-D910-4C17-BDA9-08828525FD92.jpeg B4223A59-5BBB-473B-8B89-96B5ABCDFF23.jpeg
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  3. Here are 2 pics of the 2 I gave going. One stretched a lot and the other not as much.

    To be fair though. I did flip one, the shorter one, earlier than the other.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Hey man, stumbled over this. I was in your shoes. WW and not alot of room for stretch. They were growing fast. I read into scrogging snd seemingly bought myself alot of vertical space for these plants before they go into flower in a week or two.

    I have 3 plants in a 5x5. 1000w HID.

    Hope that helps. 20190123_091112.jpg 20190124_223404.jpg 20190128_201425.jpg 20190128_201106.jpg 20190128_200810.jpg

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  5. I am definitely a fan of the scrog method now. Getting ready to try and spread 1 plant over my whole 2x4 tent.

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  6. Woah! Nice work! I would enjoy buds that big. I'm in the midst of three plants in a 5x5 and trying to figure out where to go with them from here.

    Did you lollipop? Defoliate? Or just tuck and spread out wide? I cleaned up a bit of the under growth already.

    I'd really love a sea of bud filled kolas over the screen, come flower. This is where I am now..
    20190203_093210.jpg 20190203_093233.jpg 20190203_093324.jpg 20190203_093349.jpg 20190203_093421.jpg

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  7. I remove a few leaves that block light.

    All the leaves under the screen I try to keep full but remove as they die off.

    Keeping the ones under make it hard to trim out the larf micro buds.

    I'm still new and have no idea if what I do works but it provides her the smoke she wants. Seems to work alright.
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  8. good job guys!!!!
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