white Widow day 30 flowering

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by dan2003, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Ok here's my white widow 30 days into flower in soil under 4 32w fluorescents on 12/12 using tomato fertiliser. I was wondering, do the buds look the right size for the length of time it's been flowering? I heard that using flouros during flowering doesn't work right, is this true? thanks

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  2. sorry bout the camera

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  3. .

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  4. it wont give u big buds, but they will be decent buds..latezz..

    ps..looking good...
  5. how much would you guess it will reduce the overall yield, like by half or what? its funny they survived, for the first month they were under a desk lamp.. Also.. is it ok to take clones during flowering?
  6. id say atleast a half, you will loose 70% of water weight off of something that never really got the chance to increase in density, so you may have some airy budz. but you will have bud, thats whats most important :)
  7. just a thought...i have read that when using fluoros for flowering, you may have to add another week to flowering. hope it helps.
  8. ^^ that depend on strain u grow... like sativas are known for more then 8 weeks... usely indica are always 8 weeks, but sometime u will have too add a week or two....
  9. Not much change since last post, the buds are slowly getting bigger. the leaves around the buds are starting to get loads of tiny crystals on them. I was wondering if I took off these leaves now and tried to make a bit of hash from them would it hurt bud production? I'll post some new pics in about a week when hopefully the'll be a significant increase in size..
  10. I was gonna ask... what part of the world are u in? Well.. climate rather? Is there alot of sunlight available... and is switching to a stronger better light in the middle of flowering bad?
  11. i'm in south-east england. this time of the year it's between 0-10 degrees celcius.. lots of rain. It's inside next to a boiler so nice and warm. There is mostly grey clouds the whole time, hasn't been sunny for months.. As for changing lights.. I doubt it would matter.
  12. if you cant get an HPS, you could try and increase the amount of light the plant receives, your plant is in the open and with no mylar, or tinfoil, or white paint........i'd imagine your losing more 60% of the light from the fluros.......get something round it and it may help increase your yield..........Peace out........Sid
  13. ok have found some tinfoil and tapped it round the front side so should help. after this grow I will buy some hps for next time. thanks sid
  14. no problem, make sure the tin foil, is dull side facing towards the plant, to avoit heatspots.........Peace out.......Sid
  15. this gal is 35 days into flowering cycle grown under 600w hps.

    for floro's you look about right.

    but you want some big buds.....right?

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  16. I'm not sure about the size of the buds but my plant has a ridiculious amount of bud sites. I am definately getting hps for my next grow..
  17. hehehe HPS is definatly good, but expensive as hell too :p But i say the weed you'll get in return makes up for it if u can buy the lights without selling blood :p
  18. ok today i removed all the pointless branches at the botttom which was using up budding energy making crappy small buds. Hopefully this will help make the rest of the buds bigger right?
  19. I really want to but I can't.. Thinking of harvesting next weekend or one after that.
  20. Have harvested main cola! Drying out at the moment, will post pics next weekend.

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