White Widow + Critical Jack Herer - 600w DWC

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    As my other plants are now in flowering, I decided that I'd drop a couple new fem'd seeds and kick them off and give them a little LST until theres room in the big tent. :D

    For these, they will start in a 2'x3'x2' tent under 4x 3ft T5HO bulbs. Roughly 39w each, for a total of about 156w. The seeds are in RapidRooter (RR) plugs. Once they show roots out of the RR, they will go into 6" netpots in a 2gal mini bubble-tote. They will remain there until there is room in the larger 600w tent.

    Hoping this goes smoothly and I'll post pictures regularly. :wave:

    Dinafem White Widow
    Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer

    Seedling/Early Veg (~5 weeks): 4x 39w T5HO (156w)
    Veg/Flower: (~12-14 weeks) 600w mh/hps

    Training: Top/LST/Scrog (~2.5'x5')

    Nutes: General Hydroponics Flora Grow/Micro/Bloom, CaliMagic, FloraNectar, Liquid KoolBloom

    RootZone: 6" netpot with hydroton. 5gal DWC bubble bucket.

  2. Alright sounds and looks like your comfortable with your other grows! I'll come along for this ride!!!
  3. Nothing new to see, really, but both have sprouted taproots already. :D
  4. Nice i have a critical jack ive beem wanting to pop..you'll be done around when im deciding what to do next :)
  5. Hi CD u going to be scroging this time....
  6. Undecided at this time. I want to see how a few things pan out in my other grow(s) before making that decision. Chances are I will, though, since my vertical space is limited.
  7. Critical Jack just popped her head above the top of the RapidRooter so figured I'd snap a pic.

  8. looks good dude. Glad to see my MA growers out there
  9. Hi CD are those rapid rooter like the jiffys...
  10. Not sure :confused_2:

    Ive only used RapidRooter, so I cant say I have experience with anything else.
  11. CD, tell me about your flushing methods?
  12. Havent gotten that far yet, haha. The ones Ive got running now are my first go at this. One is at the end of week 5 flower and the other is end of week 1
  13. true man aha. the only reason i said anything is because i know that you can get a better tasting yield. itll smoke better too
  14. Yeah, I know the guy thats kinda bein my mentor for this first one is gonna have me do some kind of flush. I think a week, probably.
  15. MA growers FTW!
    Gonna tag along for the ride, i have a couple beans i started about the same day so comparing progress should be fun. :)
  16. CD do you think if this works out for you, youll try to become a licensed grower for medical marijuana?
  17. I've never used either but I know that the RR are made of some magical material that it's kind of rubbery. A grower have me that description, the Jiffy is more of a soil like material.
  18. Out of the darkness and into the light.........and so it begins!!!
  19. Ok sweet...thnx..I'm pretty sure the jiffys are made of cocco..I seen them at my local so I grabbed 2 to try..haven't used yet....……
    But I've heard good things about the RR...
    Have to try them out also....
  20. Oh coco, that would make sense since they expand so much! I really want to try RR I have finally located them locally!

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