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  1. Hello again everyone! I'm a semi partial somewhat new medium sub par advanced grower still in training. But today something happened today with brand new clones that I never noticed before and I did 2 things different.
    1. I usually use cloning powder but today I used the gel
    2. I normally use rockwool but I was sol and used soil.

    I cut around 84 clones today of white widow around 10am and since about 4-5pm they have all started to droop over. Now I know drooping is a normal occurrence with clones but I normally would never see them drooping until after 2-3 days. Just need some reassurance to ease my mind that things are ok because my mamas are butchered.
    I added 2 photos don't mind the 4 in bigger pots and the clones in the humidity dome they are older and ok. its the 84 that are in the jiffy peat pots. I don't have a humidity dome over them because I have them in a humidity controlled closet which acts like a dome.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Hi ceven. I do clones alot . Sometimes they drop for a few days or so as getting used to shock etc etc. As ling as temp about 72/75^ and high 70/90 humidity till they root ya ok. Leave em and they should be ok. I use clonex gel . Av done for about 4 yrs and sum cline take beautiful and quick but sum droopy and about a 10dat wait. I av just done sum jacks clones from a defoiliating jack and they drooped. Even went a bit yellow and was about to throw em after 7days . I noticed nice white roots on the 8th day and chopped bad leafs off etc . They in little pots now .. beautiful green and strong growin!!. So dont give up yet . Spray mist ya watet etc and temp and r.humidity right and i bet in 6/7 days tgey sorted.. good luck xxx
  3. thanks for the reassurance! I was kinda pacing the floors nervous lol. I will make sure the temps and humidity is perfect. will take a pic again in a few days when I start to hopefully see some progress.

    thanks again
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  4. Could be the gel sealing the pores and locking out moisture, happened to me after using honey to clone I had heard they root faster but ended up with moldy dead clones. I'd stick with the powder or nothing at all, which is my opinion works the best I just stick the cuts in solos and bottom feed nutes till they root which takes about 10 days.
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  5. Hi .. i no wat ya mean pacing floor lol. Its worse than waiting for a family member to give birth lol. Ive been there love. But will be ok and lookin forward to pics. Happy growing love x

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