White Widow CFL grow. help wanted.

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    well my buddy gave me this plant about two weeks ago. it was just barely starting to bud, so i put it on 12/12.
    any idea how i could get all these fan leaves out of the way so i could get more light to the buds?
    should i give it any kind of fertilizer?
    if you see anything i should be doing, please speak up. this is my first grow, so i'm still a noob haha
    now for pics....

    this was i think 3 days after i revieved it.

    this one was taken a few days ago
    there is a fan just off-camera blowing air through the plant and lights.

    and this is the very top of the plant as of today.

    its 17 inches tall if anybody was wondering.
    so how's it looking?
  2. im liking the little bud sites but if you have the money go get some blooming nutes just something high in phosphorous i have some shutlz bloom plus which is 10-54-10 got it at wal-mart only used it a little bit. but yuo should take a few clippings of it before it gets later on in flowering!
  3. Valley is right, bloom nutes would be a good idea at this stage, since pistils are getting more numerous.

    As far as any pruning? I would advise against it, since the plant would focus on stem recovery rather than bud production. However, after a few weeks, you could slowly start removing the leaves one pair at a time every other day to get more light on the buds, like you said.

    Looks good though. I really like your grow setup. Looks efficient ;)
  4. thanks guys.

    so it will say 10-54-10 right on the side of the bottle?
  5. [​IMG]

    what does all the red in the stems mean??
    i'm gonna get some blooming nutes tomorrow. i'm going to wally world, so what should i be looking for?


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