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White Widow Bubbleponics Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by trueg115, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I decided to start a thread to track my progress on my first grow. Ive got a 150 watt MH on top, with 130 watts of 6500 k and a 42 watt of 2700 k. I'm planning on adding a few more 42 watters as my grow progresses.

    Pic 1 is from 2 days ago and the cllose up shot is from today, which is day 6. I'm just sticking to the Bubbleponics nutes for this grow (unless i get bad results then i will switch over) and will most likely switch to Advanced Nutrients next time unless i get great results on this grow.

    Any suggestions/ comments are greatly appreciated.

    Anyone want to help me predict my yield off these 3 plants?


  2. Lookin good for day 6. I'm excited to see how they turn out. I've always wanted to use a bubbleponic system.

    Good luck!:wave:
  3. Thanks cocogrow

  4. lookin good, i wanna see how they turn out
  5. Hell yea man best of luck, I'm interested in the outcome. Other than lights what all else are you using?
  6. Just the pre measured nutes that came with the bubbleponics, i wanted to see if they live up to the hype that the site says.

    Might try mollases when it comes time to flower because i've had a few people suggest that to me on roll it ups forum
  7. Here is day 8 (second pic is the brown spots if anyone can help me diagnose the problem? possibly due to PH or over nuting?)


  8. Looking good!

    On the leaf, it reminds me of heat damage (when a light gets too close to a leaf) but it's hard to tell.
  9. Here are pics. The water droplets were just added because i sprayed the leaves. I havent done this before so this is not causing the burns.



    Any ideas?
  10. hmm, you might have given it nutes too early. what type of root growth ya got going on?

  11. Thats what i was thinking. I flushed it yesterday so there are very little if none nutes in it right now.

    The root growth is pretty good.
  12. you might want to give it a little while and see how it looks. then just give it a very low dosage of nutrients to start and you'll see her begin to take off in growth
  13. Here is an update for day 16:



  14. That's a lot of growth for 16 days in. Looking good!
  15. I agree! For 16 days you have a freakin Monster on your Hands.

    Keep it up.

    Good Luck.
  16. haha im hoping she'll turn out a beast.

    the only problem is i cant seem to get my PH to stay 6.0. No matter how hard i try she stays above 6.5 and this is really hurting her. Many of the leaves are browning/yellowing on the edges
  17. you'll have to buy some ph down solution from somewhere. you're going to need the ph lower than 6 for sure.
  18. Well ive currently got PH down by top fin and it seems to do a bad job because no matter how much I put in the ph wont lower.

    I just ordered some by general hydroponics and a better test solution so I am hoping I can fix it once they arrive.
  19. hmm that sounds really strange. i use the gen. hydro and it usually takes a few teaspoons to get it corrected. i never had to use the test solution so i don't know how accurate it usually is.
  20. Thats not getting here till wednesday and ive run out of test strips till then so im hoping nothing will go wrogn when I have to add new water because they seem to be drinking a gallon a day.

    one of the plants is growing amazingly well compared to the other two and is almost twice the size of the others, which are still small and bushy.

    I'll post pics later when I can get a hold of a camera

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