White Widow Autoflower Experiment

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  1. Hello,

    n.b. Apologies for not starting this thread as I started the grow - I had not originally intended to share it, but since then, I thought it may be helpful to others.

    I successfully grew some autoflowers a couple of years ago indoors, using some CFLs. It worked pretty good, and I ended up with a cookie jar full of bud. This year, I'm in a different house with a large outdoor area, where I'm growing veggies and fruits. I thought I'd give outdoor growing a go (as I donated my growbox to a friend). I decided to try some autoflowers, as I have a nosy neighbour, and didn't fancy having massive plants for an extended period.

    I thought I'd try a bit of experimentation as it's my second grow, and I'm not that bothered about a massive yield:
    1. Will autoflowers produce any reasonable yield outdoors?
    2. Does pot size make a difference?
    3. Do I really need nutrients?
    4. Do I need fancy soil?
    I bought 3 White Widow autoflower seeds from Sensi Seeds and germinated them into little pots until they were about 8 inches tall. I then moved them outdoors. I put the healthiest looking one into it's own 5 gallon tub, and put the other 2 into another shared 5 gallon to see if pot-size makes a difference. The soil was poundland's very own compost, and I used no nutrients.

    I basically just left them, and checked on them every couple of days to make sure they are still alive. The past couple of weeks, they have been flowering. I noticed some of the leaves starting to yellow. I know it's normal during flowering, but I added some spent coffee grounds to them the other day for an N boost.

    The plant in its own pot has started to get brown spots on the leaves. I'm not sure if it's a pest as it's outdoors, or a calcium deficiency. I added a sprinkle of 'fish, blood and bone' to the soil today that I had for my veggie patch. Hopefully someone more experience than me might know!

    This is the one that's getting patchy (sorry about the focus, my phone is playing up), and the other grow pics are below it. I can't seem to get the images to embed nicely as a gallery.


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