White Widow at 8+ weeks into flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Okay I started by flowering just before October 1st. I pollinated some plants for seeds.

    So now im at about two months into flowering and many of the seeds are bursted open so i can view the big fat green plump seed inside. They have been this way for a few weeks now.

    Ive asked this before but really didn't get the answer i was looking for.

    Being I can actually see the seed in the pod. Will it turn brown on the plant (while the plant is living)?

    Or will they always be green until i harvest and dry?

    I ask because I don't want to be wasting my time watering and growing if they are ready, but i don't want to havest immature seeds.
  2. once the seeds dry, they tend to brown up. but you will have some seeds more mature than others. what are the fans looking like? are they turning yellow? thats when i harvested with my seeds. the pods were busting open, some seeds fully mature some not.
  3. Well the fans are beginning to yellow up. I can actually tap the fans and they will usually fall off.

    I think just to play it safe i will give them until the first of the month (Dec).
  4. Here is a pic of the seed pod bursting. You can see one brown seed, but most are still dark green.
    Ill post some others since the plants look so yummy.

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  5. Heres a pic of the corner of the grow room. You can sort of get a look at the progress of the plants. All but two of the plants can be seen.

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  6. Naughty-
    See that little itty bitty guy (about 1" tall) Thats one of your children :)

    Keep your eye open again :)

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  7. pretty pics...
  8. dred u must b gorgeous...your children look just like you...
  9. i feel like a proud papa :) im most interested in how the kid turns! if your seeds are still green, maybe give it till dec, you know how these things change from day2day ...daym am i proud! :)
  10. is that the ww that you are going to harvest soon? the leaf doesnt look all that yellow. this is a sativa strain right? you may have a little longer to go, but of course because of the seed, harvest will be sooner. thats what i learned. i didnt go a full 11 weeks on my sativa more like 9 weeks with seed. ill see if its any different from seed. and another question is the lil guy sativa or indica?
  11. Most of the yellow leaves i plucked so light would hit the other buds.

    But you are saying 11 weeks to fully mature? I was thinking it was only 8 to 10 max. Hmmm, i guess i may have another week at least.

    The little child is an indica offspring. All the others around (hopefully her) are other w.w. clones I had started.

    As for waiting too long and losing potency. Well that is a good thing to know. But in this case I really don't care soo much about the potency, its the seeds im after. I sacrificed a whole crop and devoted it to seeds.

    Naughty as for my children, keep a lookout daily. As of what now seems prob Mid Dec, i will have many more offspring.
    too :)

    They do look smokey lishious though don't they? Those buds are so damn big, just wish they were that big with no seed inside.
  12. sorry DevilRed, wasnt sure what strain ww was. in the case its an indica, you should be about done. 8 weeks? maybe one more and youre done. the lil guy you planted? what kind the indica or the sativa?
  13. well w.w. is sativa, but the little guy is indica. Ill post up another pic of its progress. Its growing like a weed, eheeheh.
  14. lol which one is it? 420 said indica you said sativa :)
  15. widow has the short stubby leaves......ive always understood that to be Sativa. My plants have pretty short stubby leaves compared to many indica's ive seen.
  16. Naughty- Boy do your children grow fast :)

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  17. To help answer the question, these are white widow. These are clones taken from a mum who was herself a clone.

    My second batch or indoor grow started for this season. These clones are a good 4 weeks old.

    3 gallon pots with miricle grow soil, and a tad of potting soil mixed in. Watered every 7-10 days with 16 ounces of tap water.

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  18. just looking at the pics, that first pic of the seedling is actual size. Sure hope its a lady
  19. im pretty sure thats the opposite, sativas are supposed to have the broad thins and indicas stubby short and fat. those plants look to be indica to me, but with some sativa genes

    daym the lil guy is growing fast, hope its a female :) how long has it been from seed?
  20. Well i do know for sure that the plants I have are white widow. I got the seeds from a reputable local grower.

    Hmmm ill have to do some more reading and find out if ww is sativa or indica. I always thought ww was Sativa. The ww is all ive ever grown.

    As for the seed, it was labeled indica by its supplier ;)

    Its been just over a week since sprout. I think the last pic was on Thanksgiving, last Thursday.....today being 4 days later.

    Its been under 200w of floros 2" away, with 175w of HPS a good 3 feet away from it for 12 hours, and the rest of the time in my window ledge soaking up real sunlight. It might get only a hour of dark right now.

    As for the clones. One is a bit larger. It rooted about 5 days sooner and ive topped all its branches at least once already, really going for the bush thing.

    Naughty- lemme know when you see my children

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