White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. Nice pics bro, Looking Real Good Keep it up:hello:
  2. Plants are lookin good for only having flourescent light. Im suprised. What kind of soil and nutrients are you using.
    I am also growing white widow. It is one of my favorate strains.
    These pictures are from the end of week 3. I'm in beginning of week 6 . Ill update my pictures soon so youl know what your babies are gonna look like.
  3. thanks bro

    Well before I read about the miracle grow horrors I started in 1/3 MG, 1/3 green thumb potting soil, and 1/3 perlite. When I transplanted them I substituted generic no nute topsoil for the MG and added an extra part perlite. As for nutes I am using schultz 10-15-10 at 1/2 to 3/4 strength every other watering. I also add a half a teaspoon of epsom salt per gallon every fourth no nute watering.
    For my next grow I am planning to grow in a 50/50 mix of perlite and Ocean Forest. thanks for stopping by bro.
  4. I'm looking forward to your results man, everything looks great so far. These are two strains that I plan on growing. Best of luck to ya.:wave:
  5. Yo B - plants look great man! Very healthy and glad you got some females to play with :hello:
  6. yeah man i can't wait. I've had the SSH before and it's quite potent but, sad to say :eek: I've never had properly grown WW. The stuff I tried was harvested too early and wasn't properly cured. Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

    I appreciate it Ed. I just am hoping that my 4 SSH come out female. I was over in green man420's journal and snake looks quite a bit like my SSH. Here's to hoping huh? Thanks for checking out my grow.
  7. Man I had to raise the cfls today, it really seems like they're blowing up. So much new pistol growth I was kinda giddy when I first looked at them today. I know to some people this is routine but as this is my first indoor grow I've never had the opportunity to watch everyday. I have grown before but it was guerrilla grow that I only visited every month or so.

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  8. Damn Biggin, those ladies are lookin MIGHTY FINE bro:hello: :hello:
  9. Good news and bad news, 2 of 4 silver haze are showing only 1 is female.
  10. Damn man sorry to hear that, at least one is a girl :hello: congrats!
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    Hooray my hps arrived today. and another one of my SSH are female(I think). Anyways here a vid of my temporary flowering room. I still gotta go to a hydro store to get some panda plastic and some Ocean Forest. In the video I accidentally said the white widow were male, they are not, I meant to say female but was a little baked.
  12. I'm diggin the videos bro, nice setup you got there:smoking:
  13. Few pics of the ever growing buds still small but coming along nicely. First pic from monday, second and third from earlier. Second and third pic are the middle two in the first pic. Will take some more tomorrow with the camera instead of the phone.

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  14. Today is the fifth day under hpsand the girls are loving. So is the guy:mad:. gonna be down to 5 plants, but all five are female. Here is some pics from today right after i gave them their first big bloom and tiger bloom nutes. The buds are coming along nicely. I thought they would be stinkier by now, they definitely smell great right at the plant though.

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  15. more pics

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  16. Looking really good biggin your girls are really taking off.
  17. Biggin, sorry haven't got around till now but, DAAYUUUM your plants look HOT lol!! :D

    Very good job man. KEEP it UP!!! :smoking:
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    Thanks bro.

    Thanks man.

    Here's a couple shots from the other day, got some of my panda film hung. I ditched the table as it was temporary and to tall for my needs. I'm gonna eventually build a platform and switch to a dwc setup so the floor is fine for now. I still gotta figure out a way to get the cfl's back in there though.

    My temps dip to 64 in my flower room last night, apparently the warmer outside temps made my furnace run less and was the cause. I had to change my timer settings on my exhaust fan to let more heat stay in the room.

    First two pics are my newly remodeled flowering room from friday right at lights out, I had just gotten the plastic hung. The rest are of the clones I took and am experimenting with. I took a few variations to see what is possible. A tiny shoot, a topped shoot, a flowering shoot and two average sized shoots.

    Got a new grow in progress, not sure if I'm gonna do a separate journal though. Started with 25 mid grade bagseeds 22 sprouted then my cat mauled like 9 of them. I think I'm gonna be able to save 4 of those though.

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  19. room looks good man, did you use cloning gel or rooting powder?
  20. I knew I was forgetting something. I used olivia's cloning gel. I coated the stems, pulled some wisps of cotton, soaked them with gel, and then wrapped it around the stem for a resevoir effects.

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