White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. hey biggin, Plants are sure coming along nicely man. Keep up the good work. I got a little problem with aphids I fuckin hate bugs!
  2. hey biggin, how long the SSH been in flower for? I have a plant thats been in flower for 21 days and not showin it's sex.
  3. Plants look great though. pistils are coming along nicely bro.
  4. Man I hate that I keep getting the random every few day fungus gnat. I've let them get pretty dry and they keep popping up. At least I haven't had swarms of them(knocks on wood). thanks for stopping by. By the way your gonna have some monsters when you flower that bubbleicious bro.

    I switched on the 28th so today is their 15th night cycle. The website I ordered from said the SSH are 10+ week flowerers but I'm not certain if that affects how long they take to show or not.:confused: Thanks for dropping by GM.
  5. Thanks Bro, I'm going to be switching to 12/12 today or in another couple of days still can't make up my mind?
  6. damn beautiful grow i can't wait to see how much they yield:D:smoking:
  7. Hey whats good Biggin?
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    not much A4 smoking a bong of some skunk #1 and playing trials hd on my 360.
  9. That sounds pretty badass man. I want to smoke some good bud:(
  10. Oh I see, well the one that isn't showing for me was a seed from some bud I got from Canada so idk the type it is or anything but still isn't showing.
  11. hey man nice lookin ladies....how tall were your ww when you started to flower and how tall are they now? startin some WW myself here in a bit...:smoking:
  12. Nice man, shame about the male but looks like you did a really nice job of fimming.

    Nice man, about to put my pics up for day 53. The amount of crystals it has already is innnsane :D
  13. The white widow were 10 to 12 inches when I switched to 12/12. Not sure how tall they would be if they weren't tied down, I will try to check tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and goodluck on your grow.

    Thanks dacarthy can't wait to see your girls man.
  14. Yo Biggin, I got 3 confirmed females man:D
  15. Thats sweet news homie:hello:. I will be over to your thread momentarily. I just made a vaporizer and am testing :smoking: it out. lol

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  16. Haha thats awesome man, did you use a soldering iron for the heating element?
  17. It's a Weller brand that can be found at lowe's and it the kind that the attachments screw in so the bowl can be securely attached. And the temp control is just a single pole dimmer switch. I did have to test what positions gave me what temps and son on.

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  18. I used the exact same one before I bought a vaporizer on ebay.
  19. Ok, here's some pics. The SSH still aren't showing sex:confused:. The widows are gaining pistols more and more everyday. The WW I fimmed doesn't have as many pistols but is looking good. Tracking info on my light now says it will be here on the 18th.

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  20. I got a new temp and rh sensor at that shows min and max temps and rh for the previous 24 hours, 12 bucks at walmart. I got some adapters and added more cfls til my hps arrives. They really are starting to crowd each other now, so I'm going to have to build a flowering area and just make my current cab my veg, clone, and mother area.

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