White Widow and Super Silver Haze first indoor grow

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  1. Thanks man I can only imagine how big they would have been if I hadn't had a ph problem and had to flush.
  2. Yeah same here, but thank god I got my ph meter just in time.
  3. Since I am uploading all photos i take of this grow here's 2 from the 22nd and a few more from christmas eve.

    I hope all had a merry christmas.

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  4. They're looking good man. Great job! Keep it up.
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    Here's a few from christmas night, actually taken just a few minutes ago. The are 18 days from sprout, 20 from un-germed seed. They are stinking up the whole room, guess it's time to add a scrubber or ona system. I wil be switching to 12/12 when they reach 3 weeks,(3 days from now), and switching to warmer lighting.

    Is 3000k good for flowering?

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  6. THose are huge for 18 days.
  7. I had to water today, they really are sucking up the water now. I added a 1/4 strength dose of 10-15-10 nutes. I plan to switch to 12/12 on the 28th when they will be three weeks. Will add some pics later when i get a chance.
  8. Here are some pics from tonight as promised.

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  9. [​IMG][​IMG]They are getting big.

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    Day 24, 3rd day of flowering. I'm giving them 1/4 strength 10-15-10 nutes on the foliage with a spray bottle. I also switched the 6500k fluoros for 3000k.

    I have been looking at a 400w hps setup from htg supply. It's on ebay for 119 plus shipping.

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  11. nice grow biggin it seems from a few threads i read that alot of you guys across the pond have trouble with ph and soil growin, do you use nute free soil, alot of my mates use cocoa or canna nute free soil and have np using brit tap water, i grow in hydro (wilma 8) a hydro system cud be bettr for you in smaller area not so much messing we potting and feeding and alot easier,how high do ya think they gonna grow as i have both ssh seeds (regular) and ww fem but only got about 5ft of height i be watching ya grow with high hopes for you happy new year.
  12. Looking good, I will be along for the ride.
  13. thanks for stopping by. I actually have been looking into a DWC system for my next grow, but with the closest hydro store 2 hours away it's a bit easier at this time for soil. If I could undo using the soil I did, I would, but I'm not comfortable enough yet to attempt a soil to hydro transfer. I'm gonna flower these out and hope for mostly females.
  14. Dud - seriously awesome grow you have going on there. Rep +. all round looking very very tasty.
  15. hey man your plants are looking good! Nice video too.
  16. Thanks man. They're about to get even better as I just ordered a 400 watt hps to throw these under.

    Here's a few pics I'm now a week into flowering and am getting some preflowers. looks like at least one is gonna be male:mad:, but no others are showing male at this time. First pic is a suspected female, second is my suspected male.

    today is day 29 by the way.

    I also added 3 26w 2700k cfls to boost it a bit til my hps arrives.

    thanks all for stopping by

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    Ok I woke up today to find that i not only had one male but two:mad:. Both white widow. But as of yet no others are suspected male and none of the super silver haze have begun showing. here's 2 pics of the two male balls(lol) right before execution. I will take some pics of the 8 left in the morning when the lights come on.

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  18. unlucky m8y still plenty to go at, you aint told me how high these are gonna grow ww is me nxt hydro grow got 2 wks left on me master kush starting to smell real earthy hash buds starting to swell, nice crystal on them.
  19. It really depends on how long you veg them for. I switched to 12/12 light at 3 weeks old and am hoping for 2' 1/2 to 3' when they finish.
  20. Hey bro. Nice grow ! I'm watching to see how your SSH turn out indoors since I got those freebies too. +rep for kickin' it old skool with the fluoro tubes. I've been helping a disabled friend with his medicinal grows for years and he amazes me still with the results he gets from his 'old-fashioned' tubes. Good luck!

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