White widow and skunk no.1 ga showing prewflowers

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    i live in ga currently have 2 feminished plants both From seedsman
    They are maybe a month and a half to 2 months old now
    i am using fox farm oceanforest soil as the grow medium and i havent fed any nutes to them at all both the white whidow and skunk no.1 are already growing preflowers which hadnt happen till abt june last year
    just wondering how u think these look and if i should lst because i want it bushy
    they are in what i bought as 5 gallon pots but it say 4.02 gallons on the side should i keep em in these, go bigger, or plant straight in the ground

    Heres the pictures
  2. Come on gimme some input
  3. Too honest to be helpful at this time. I wouldn't damage the plant and let it grow unadulterated. Why risk ruining very good looking plants?
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    you deffinately need to go bigger. i start late last year and had to take them out of the 5 gallon buckets by flowering it was such a bitch to do. suggest u get the biggest bucket you can. early in the season they will be monsters when they finish!

    PS the ground is where it's at no restrictions plants get bigger, drawback is when... the po po's fly in and u are unable to move them. it's a double edge sword.
  5. Hope you didnt keep them inside under 20 or 24 light cycle , even 18 housr can be problem with some genetics.
    If you was at 16 hours light they will show ya preflowers and keep vegetation, but if you give them more that 16 hours of light ... well, no answer there , you need to wait and check whats gonna happend.

    LST is bullshit imo
    Bigger pots higher yield
  6. i live in GA too. i grew 3 months indoor and transplanted them to 5 gal pots mid-flower. but i planted 4. the ones in the ground seemed to have reverted back to veg, growing more leaf than hairs. with the sun rising around 6am and today it set around 8:30pm! thats over 12 hours. So my guess is that some got used to 12/12 and matured, while the others took advantage of the extra hours and formed more leaf. I DO HOPE THEY HURY and finnish. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A CAMERA THAT DETECTS THC??????? somebody told me thats how all these BUSTS are happening in our state.

    But to get back to your situation; I would leave them alone, give water every 3-4 days and let the plant do its thang-it will tell you when it needs something. Let mother nature run its course. Give formuas with LOW Nitrogen High P & K. Half strenth THE FIRST TIME, wait 7-9 days, then full strenth.
  7. taking a closer look at the pictures, your plants are a little "spiney" to be genetics. They look about 3 months in veg. if they're outside, they will veg for another 2 months, wait for the roots to fill the pots more, then transplant to a hole 3ft wide X 3ft deep. You should have a monster.
  8. can i have some more opinions
  9. Those plants look really healthy don't worry about it you got a good head start of everyone else. Just let em do their thing

    I'd defnitely move em in the ground
  10. Plants look great. Really! I would put the plants in the ground unless they are like in your yard. The only advantage I can think of for keeping plants in containers is so they can be moved quickly and safely with little to no damage to the plant. Too far from home and you'll need a van to move them.
  11. I'm from Ga as well. I'm glad to see that there are other growers around my way. I started out with 20 Nirvana Master Kush indoors under 400 HPS in late Feb. I ended up with 10 transplanted outdoors in Mid March. Now I have just 6 MK. 3 of them are about 2 1/2 ft., 1 is about 16 in, 2 more are stunted due to animal damage but are vegging strong now. Of the 3 more mature plants 1 is about 3 weeks into full flower and the other 2 are just showing preflowers. And of these three I did a 90 degree LST to try to increase my yeild do to what seems to be early flowering. They are all planted directly in the ground with Fox Farm Ocean Forest and have been feed Biothrive Veg and Bloom,Viagrow Bloom, Superthrive and Bat Guano Teas high in N and P. I was really pissed as well with the early flowering because I wasn't expecting to flower until June. I did veg them inside for 24/0 , 18/6 and then hardened them off outside for a week before transplanting.What's going on? Could it just be the genetics and varying phenos or are we doing something seriously wrong? :confused::confused: I was hoping for monsters yielding poundage!!:D Anybody have any additional input? I have six Nirv Super Skunks and one LSD hardening off right now and I don't want to see any damn early flowering with this group. Maybe we should all start our own Ga outdoor thread??:confused::)

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