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White Widow and Platinum Kush - today's pickup :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by weedandbombs, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Man, I haven't posted my pickups in a while but what I picked up today was so pretty I had to share..

    Pardon the picture quality - took the pictures on my HTC EVO...

    White Widow:

    Platinum Kush:

    about to go enjoy them now :)
  2. Man that WW is dank as hell, nice pickup
  3. That is some frosty weed!
  4. I know, right? That White Widow was tagged at $65 1/8th which is total rape to me. I don't care how frosty it is, I don't think its right to go selling it for that much..

    Luckily I was a first time patient at this spot and they gave me a $10 discount which brought it down to a more "normal" price of $55.. then they threw in a free gram of the Platinum Kush... but chances are I won't buy much from them - their prices are high and these were a few of the only strains that didn't look and smell like dirt.

    It seems their entire positive rep lies on that White Widow... they even refuse to make clones of what they're growing...
  5. even tony the tiger would think that WW is frosty. nice buds man :smoke:
  6. yeah that WW def. looks a bit chunkier...that Platinum looks like some dope shit though
  7. *cleans up the slobber*

    i died and cried a little on the inside looking at this...its sooo pretty. im weedless

    its like a starving person googling pictures of food. i should probably leave this or any thread with pictures of weed
  8. nice pick up! yea i remember sometimes seeing 65-75/8th at certain dispensaries and argued with some of the owners because of the high prices, especially with some places down the block form them that had better customer service, better buds, and capped at 55 an 8th.

    looks dank nonetheless!!! enjoy!
  9. That WW looks amazing wouldnt mind a joint of that
  10. uhhh

    fuck NY!

    I really need to move to cali.

    It requires some work to get shit like that out here and good luck getting an 1/8 for that price.

    Nice pickup tho!

  11. That is deff too much... But still... It's frosty! :D
  12. I gotta say - its a nice high, but doesn't last long... not going to be getting the White Widow again - especially at that price.

    The Platinum Kush is a knockout though - perfect bed weed.
  13. Platinum Kush is delicious.
  14. That White Widow looks like...omg.

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