White Widow and Afghan Kush Harvest

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by mcfrail, May 4, 2011.

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    Finally harvested the girls... I gotta say, for my first grow I think I did fairly well.

    DWC with 400 watt HPS.
    All Canna nutes

    1 White Widow - dry weight ~4oz
    1 Afghan Kush - wet weight of ~2.5oz

    Anyone else seen leaves that try to grow bud? Seemed pretty odd to me.

    Took some of the trim and made BHO, 6 hours later I'm still completely baked.

    Awesome stuff.

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  2. NICE!!! +rep :smoke:
  3. There was another grow on here with royal haze I believe
    It had bud growing on the base of the fan leafs, where the vains meet
    Did you try to clone that leaf or anything like that?

    Great harvest btw :smoke:
  4. What's this BHO and how do u make it???
  5. That's crazy! I really wonder what causes it to happen...
    Haha, nah I didn't try to clone it, just dried it out and put it in a jar.

    Butane Honey Oil. Roughly 70-90% pure THC, and it will knock inexperienced smokers out easily.
    Basically you use butane to extract the THC from left over plant material (or bud if you want, but I'd rather just use trimmings and smoke the bud).

    There are guides on the forum and video guides on youtube. Just make sure you DO NOT use PVC, and NO OPEN FLAMES! This includes any pilot lights for appliances! You will harm yourself and others if you are not careful.
  6. great harvest, amazing trim job. You should be very proud :D
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    Right is that where u use gas. And it's strips the THC off of the trim. And the it cum out in a murky liquid, and the u let the gas avapurat and then your left with BHO. is that how u make it. Cos I have seen stuff like that on YouTube?.....
  8. very nice harvest dude! :)
  9. good looking hash:]
  10. Very nice all round Great looking hash and quantity

  11. :hello: I'm glad you think so, took from 8am to 10pm to chop and trim them both. I see now why bud I've gotten for years isn't well trimmed, it takes forever!

    Thanks, its pretty awesome stuff. Got about 3 or 4 g's initially.

    Thanks to everyone else for the kind words! :wave:
  12. Nice job mcfrail........welcome to grasscity and enjoy those buds!

  13. aww how cute lol nice buds
  14. great harvest mate. have fun smoking all that
  15. They all look great. :)

    Congrats on a successful grow.
  16. I am on the 4th week of flowering White Widow and Jock Horror also in DWC under 600W.
    When did you stop feeding them nutrients (I know that feed should stop 2 weeks prior to harvest),did you stop feeding them when trichoms turned milky or when they start turning slightly amber? I just afraid if I wait till they start getting amber they might get overdue before nutrient removal(water feeding only) is over.
    P.S.How long is your flower period lasted?
  17. Great harvest man! Grats and that hash and kush looks mighty tastey' I Hope that mother nature blessses me also with a great harvest! :D :smoke:
  18. Whose white widow was that? GHS, DinaFem, etc.
  19. i was wondering the same thing, was that Nirvana? and Afgan Kush is from who?

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