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White Widow, 450 grams. Dry weight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by buzzingbee, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Newbee wondering if the yield number quoted on seed selling websites are after the bud is dry, or that is the gram weight after it is manicured, but not dried? :confused:
  2. Thats the dry weight of the buds mainicured per meter squared of plants.
  3. Oh my God- some good news for a change in my life-yessss! Thanks for the reply.:)
  4. maybe its just me but 450 grams is 2 grams more then a pound and 16 ounces is a much higher then average yeild ... you'd have to have like a massive plant that you harvest but not chop down?
  5. The absolute average yield from the most average plant is roughly 64 grams.
    450 grams from one plant would be not only a six month season, but a tree of a plant.
  6. Yep that many grams on a plant would take a little time
  7. Well whatever it is you got yourself a shitload of some fine ass bud and I would love to come light some of that stuff up with you.
  8. The yields are given in grams per square meter. You can grow a lot more plants in a square meter then just one :p
  9. This is true... It's also pretty much the most you are capable of getting off the plants. It's what you get when you do everything specifically for that plant to grow to it's optimal potential (perfect lighting, perfect soil, ferts, etc.)...

    The average yield is usually not as high...
  10. Yeah... 9 plants if you go by the 1 per sq. foot rule, I am guessing that formula takes into a consideration a single plant that covers a surface area of 1 meter squared... like a LST/SCROG plant, right?
  11. Kind of embarrassing, but I have been growing a few since June, now over 7 feet tall. I did not know the rules, as it's my first grow. The tops are looking great, but bottoms are not getting enough light. I am broke, so can't change that fact. Any idea of yield on bigger plants of White Widow? I am thankful for your replies so far.

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