White widow 2 weeks before harvest

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudDrJayy, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. thought i would post a few pics before i chop my ladies down I think they look pretty good wouldnt you say so.... next grow will be using 1000 watt went with 430 watt this grow hopefully will pull alot more with the 1000 watter

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  2. What kind of light are you talking about?

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  3. Hps
  4. WW ain't a heavy yielder. But with 1k of HPS, they will be heavy and dripping with resin.
    Check Barneys Farms LSD or Liberty Haze, heavy yields and kick ass potency..

    Those look nice, but I don't see any ambers on there.
    Who is the breeder?
  5. Theres amber they have another 2-3 weeks to go
  6. Trics are like apples ..

    very rare to find a bush with all amber at once

    unless way past the harvest point

    see it like apples, a mix

    unless you like couch lock?
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  8. Not a couch lock strain time is 75-85 days are you trying to say they are done?
  9. [​IMG]
    harvest date is a personel thing

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  10. Doesnt look like its there yet

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  11. Hey man can I talk with u? I've just started my ww. I'd like to get an idea on what this strain likes.

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  12. Sure message me
  13. She looks nice and compact, stellar job! Anyway, I would give her 3 more weeks, as every WW I have ever grown ends up with the buds looking all narly with flowers popping out of everywhere!
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  14. Can you run HPS from seedling with autos do you know or is it better to do mh then hps
  15. Both lights are way too strong tho many raise further its just 2 much (IMO)

    at this stage the seedlings are concerned with root making

    so use 2-3 cfls or small lights for 2 -3 weeks

    once 6 inches long use the M/h at higher than normal

    use a temp gauge at leaf height to guide you

    VIP is a fan to remove that heat

    good luck
  16. And this is for autoflower even if autos have like a 2 weeks veg time
  17. 3---3.5 weeks maybe either way a HID light too close will fry them

    ain't rocket science friend

    I'm urging caution is all
  18. Guess ill start them under my 400 watt mh for like 3 weeks good thing is my mh doesnt get really hot
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  19. Getting close to cut down time

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  20. keep rotating her under the lights

    you will be judge on the smoooth coverage of one 'shade' of trics ...lol

    the more one shade say white the better imo


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