White Widow 150W HPS Indoor Closet Grow *pics*

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  1. Well me and my buddy decided to grow some of our own weed. This is his second attempt and my first. I bought my seeds from Attitude Seed. Weve got 4 White Widow plants growing right now. We intend to actually mother one or two of them and just grow the others out. We are using 150W HPS right now for the vegging, were between 1 1/2 to 3 weeks into it. All soil for this grow. Also they were all just repotted. I plan on updating this everytime I go up to his place. Enjoy and if you have any questions, concerns or tips, please feel free!:D

  2. pics lookin good :smoke:
  3. Looking well overall. Will you be using the same 150 watt light for flowering or is that just a veg light?
  4. Were planning on ordering another 150 HPS very soon..they are fairly cheap from HTGSupply.com
    70 bucks is not half bad :smoke:
  5. SO mini update guys!

    just ordered Some fox farm nutes, some grow bags, and some rooting hormone for when we start clonin.

    The plants are comin along great, ill put some new pictures up tomorrow probably.

    (btw, im the "buddy" of his lol)
  6. Well...it was a wednesday evening and we...were about to get blazed...
    the end result:

    lol just a typical evening


  7. YuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMMMMYyyyYYYYYYY ~~~!

    Those look so good rite about now !!

    Keep up the Green brother ...

    Best Regards EazyGreen ....:D
  8. thank you sir! xpirate will throw up some pics i took last night.
  9. uploading pics to photobucket now..

    just like 5 more minutes till new pictures!
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    i just realised your uploading to photo bucket i think the safest way to get your pics on here is to upload them straight here you can t be to careful......just a thought anyways :)
  11. OK! I'm personally very sorry for not posting pics, but me and my buddy are gunna make up for it!.

    I'm gunna post the pictures from week 3, and he'll post the pictures from week 4 when he gets home tonight.

    that should catch things up. We're actually on week 5 at the moment, and he'll be coming up on wednesday to take some new pictures.

    We had a rough start with these plants in general, but we finally got all of our ferts in, and got them some nice fox farm soil, and now in week 5, they're all looking fantastic, again, pictures of this week will be up on wednesday.

    anyways, here's week 3:
    Group shots


    Now some shots of them solo.






    Thanks for visiting our journal :smoke:
  12. hey man... how big is that cab of yours? im setting up a closet grow myself and im tryin to decide weather to use cfls or a 150w hps
  13. its just a cardboard box with mylar around it. the box is about 4 feet tall or so. the hps has been good to us so far. the best thing you can do is splurge a bit and buy some good soil and some "grow big" ferts. its really helped our plants out so far
  14. having already been through the pains of a cfl grow, and after seeing how awesome the HPS works, I would have to say go with the 150w hps.. it just improves the plant soooo much.

    makes everything much easier. and quicker
  15. Week 4... plants looked a little bit shakey :(



  16. LOOKS LIKE YOU NUTE BURNED THEM. feed them water for a while then use less nutes
  17. we had a nitrogen issue. the plants from what im hearing are looking a hell of a lot better. and greeeeener.

    ill have pics up wednesday
  18. Gotta watch nutes when they are young, when you start using it again dilute it, big time. Some strains can only take small amounts so start at 25% strength and work up as long as you dont see issues...
  19. ur either cooking em with nutes if your feeding already, cooking em with the light which seems unlikely, or heavily under watered. they were looking terrific a few days ago what have u been doing different?
  20. omg you are giving the plants nutes well to early you are burning them with them please flush your plants imediatly your right they are looking shakey coz your over feeding them also you have streched them to how far is that light away from your plants? it should be 12 to 18 inches as long as i doesn t burn them i have a 400watt metal hallide its sitting about 12 inches from plants at the moment please check my grow im growing white russian also you can pick up some tips and also see where i have gone wrong etc and learn from my mistakes weedtastics white russian soil grow - Page 8 - 420 Magazine be lucky mistergreen :D

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