White widdow : Week One

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  1. Well i think it sprouted just about a week ago, I have some more germinating but for now its just this one. So far, to me, it looks healthy..but im not sure about the size. From other peoples pictures that are suposedly' one week, mine looks small. But i dunno :cool: what do you think?

    Ps sorry about the crappy pictures. my camera is ancient

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  2. That plant is tiny to be a week. Where did you get that flouro you're using? It looks like it's soft white which is no good.
  3. Yea, i have 2 soft white, 2 daylight and 1 warm white..Got em from home depot. They were out of stock pretty much on all but soft white so i got what i could..Thought that would be sufficient for the first month or so:(
  4. Yeah, I also made the mistake of buying a 42w soft white bulb because I didn't know it was the wrong color sprectrum. If you're not too far from a Walmart I suggest you go there and pick up a couple 30w(135w equivalent) Lights of America Sunlight bulbs. They're Cool White(6500k color temp) and give off about 2,000 lumens each.

    Good luck.
  5. My bad, I was wrong on what lights i had, i pulled the boxes from the trash, i have 2 warm white, 2 daylight, and 1 cool white. duno if thats any better or what...

    Also, after confirming that it was small i went in to try to cover everything with tinfoil to maximize the light and i noticed a second small sprout coming out of the soil about 2 or 3 inches away from the main plant. No pictures right now because i dont feel like taking down all the foil but its just like a thin green shoot sprouting up about a 1/4 inch out right now...I only planted one seed...id say it looks like a root going the wrong way but its bright green (same color as the leafs) what could it be? :confused: :confused:
  6. Also, are the lights definately the reason its growing so slow? or could it be bad air intake or anything else?
  7. I would say mainly lights. the leaves themselves are a good color, so the soild isnt bad, and its not getting stunted by anything like nutes ( not that you would be using them anyway)

    so yeah, pretty much the lights I guess lol
  8. its odd you say '' a sprout emerged at the base of your plant.. and its growing ''SUPER SLOW'' my plant did the '' exact same thing'' it grew so slow compared to the others, i allmost chunked it to get the space for the rest.

    boy am i glad i didnt do that, it turned out to be my most sweetest of all 5 of my females... check it out in my grow.. its the first group of pics. youll see.

    also i used lst on this plant.. my best plant and the only one i did lst on,,,, i got real lucky on both issues

    when i seen that shoot out of the soil on mine ,the original plant was only 2 inches high, i aint never seen no shit like that.. and ive started a many a plant in a 4'' pot ,for outside growing.. none of them did this,, over the past 21 yrs. none!! check it out if yours is like this you better baby it :wave:
  9. well, a reason it can be so small is cause its putting all its energy and nutrients, etc, into more than one sprout/stem. If say, a plant should be two inches right now, yours may be making 2 (1) inch ones...

    ( that was an example, dont take it literally, lol)

    EDIT: Those are in SOIL right, not just mulch??
  10. Yea its in soil.. Got that 100% organic with bat guana, manure and all that good stuff with a few handfulls of sand mixed in.

    God i hope it turns out like chickens plant lol. Guess ill give it a little while and see if it starts filling out. Thx for the help

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