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  1. So I found a small site of bud rot on one of my autos outside. No fuz had formed yet, only a dime sized patch of brown soft bud tissue. Ive cut out the rot, now im wondering, has anyone used white vinegar on their cannabis plants? White vinegar is a great mold killer but i want to know if its ok to spray on my plants. I plan to dab around the site ive trimmed out, but i also would like to take precaution among my surrounding plants and spray them down with a dose of white vinegar. FYI, the auto that had surgery is about 2 weeks out from harvest, the surrounding plants that id like to spray, some are just beginning to bud and some are photos going for another couple months (still in veg).
  2. I don't know how reliable this is but check it out. It says vinegar is too acidic to apply undiluted. Natural Remedies for White Fuzzy Mold on Plants I've only had bud rot once when I let my humidity (growing inside) get way too high and I simply harvested early but I suppose it's worth a chance unless your rot is active.
  3. Insecticidal soap will kill powdery mildew and not only is it organic it breaks down into potassium so it essentially is also a foliar feed. It breaks down so rapidly that after 5 days 97% of the residue is gone.

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  4. I ended up trimming the site of rot and then swabbed / dabbed the surrounding area with peroxyde. I have some great white coming in the mail today (loaded with beneficial bacteria and fungi) so i plan to do a foliar spray with this as an extra precaution!
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