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White Vinegar cleans out system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jcool7531, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I've been told that if you drink a cup of White Vinegar it cleans out 99.9% of your system and a lot of people i know say this is how they pass DTs. Has anyone ever used this method b4 and can confirm it works?
  2. Myth, none of these silly things you can do to pass dt's are proven to work..so don't count your life on it
  3. it'll clean 99% of your bong:D
  4. you have to drink a whole 32 ounce bottle of it...GO DO IT
  5. mix it with baking soda HUMANVOLCANOSTYLE
  6. this is false, i know this from personal experience. i chugged ALOT of vineger and it was horrible. for about 15 minutes, it was a hangover x10, i just wanted to die

    even tho it hurt, i still didnt pass my drug test :(
  7. did you mix it with baking soda? because it only works if you mix it with baking soda.
  8. Total Myth!

    For the facts about drug tests, click the first link in my sig and scroll down to "Drug Testing".

    Granny :wave:
  9. That's twice now I've almost replaced my sig.

  10. lol, saw your other post a second ago haha
  11. what do you mean by 99.9% of your system. Like seriously wtf do you mean?

    Will a chronic cigarette smoker have a new life after chugging vinegar? I can honestly say, I don't think so.

    But if you eat a bunch of pickles, you'll feel like your cleaning out 99.9% of your system.
  12. only if it has baking soda.
  13. am i the only stoner that payed attention in science class kabbbbooooommmm!
  14. what? noooooo noooooooooooo it makes u pass drugtests no kaboom here....
  15. hahahah

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