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  1. Is this caused by nutrient lockout? Light burn? Running in soil, LED vipaspectra 900w at 40 inches from plant (first thought light burn) this is day 5 of being under lights last nutrient feeding of fox farms bloom and grow at 1/2 strength was on day 2. New to indoor grow thanks for input

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  2. I think you forgot something..
  3. Lol still learning just did!!
  4. The fact you said half strength nutes on a seedling is what already told my the problem. It's nutrient burn. And lots of it especially in ffof

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  5. Thanks prime! So plain water it is for my babies. What strength do you recommend with seedling feeding btw? They are starting to show roots at bottom of solo cup, I started seedlings in plant non-treated indoor potting mix but plan on transplanting to ffof. I have read ALOT of info on diff types for indoor grow soils and heard that with this soil there's hardly any to no nute feedings needed for 1st month. What's your take? Thanks again for your feed back! Much appreciated.
  6. No NUTES for seedlings that young..wait until she is about 3 wks old or starts showing a deficiency..Then start with 1/4 strength nutes and up slowly .

    Definitely put more soil in that cup! That will support the stretched out stem and anything below the round starter leaves will grow roots!
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  7. I didn't know the starter leaves could sprout roots! Should I keep my LED (viparspectra 900 w with only veg switch on) at 40 inches while they are in nute shock? The height recommended was 36in to 40 in during seedling stage. I feel like a few of my plants are stretching for the light.

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  8. NOT the starter leaves..anything BELOW the starter leaves!!
    There is simply not enough soil in those cups either..
    Never saw anything planted like that..I would add soil now and leave about 1" of stem showing..
    You will have to transplant early to a bigger container (not just yet..transplanting adds more shock). That small amount of soil leaves hardly any room for root growth and the plants will become root bound fast!
    Not sure about stretching w/ the Vipar..I have Meizhi 450s and only move them out from under cfls after about 10-14days..JMHO

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