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White/Thick smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillzthatkillz, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So the other day i was smoking a blunt with some friends. we are all smoking and i hit the blunt. i let out a good amount of smoke, grey not very thick but a good hit nonetheless. i pass it to my friend who takes a hit. he slowly breathes out THICK WHITE smoke. it looked pretty cool to say the least. maybe we were just too high but if this is not just a part of my imagination how do you do it?
  2. dumbass didnt inhale
  3. he is an experienced smoker im pretty sure he inhaled.
  4. if it was thick and white, then no, he didnt hold it in long enough to get any thc

  5. Haha..

    I always do this around my noob friends. Only like once a session. They love it, but its a waste of a hit. You just don't really inhale and just like push it out with your tongue and keep it in your mouth. Don't do it around those who are expirienced, they won't think it's cool and they'll just call you a dumbass for wasting a hit haha. ;)
  6. Are you sure he didn't do a ghost?

  7. Oh that's true. If it's a ghost then do that, it looks cool and you get the THC cuz you suck it in :hello:
  8. hehehe if he let it out slowly then sucked it back in ,then nothing was wasted.and to do it isn't hard,just practice.:smoke:
  9. yeah its not wasting a hit if you breath it back through your nose ;)
  10. ^^ yeah that french inhale :D

  11. Depends. My friend owns a gas mask. Now, this thing rips. Personally, I don't like the fact that when your wearing it, you condensate allot and when passed it, it's usually lubricated with sweat. Also, smoke on your skin isn't a great thing for acne and it dries it real fast. I usually just use the tube for it, which still rips.

    Many a times I've taken huge hits, too big. I hold all I can, trying not to burst out coughing, but still, I'm going to cough, I made the five seconds, I exhale. So much smoke comes out. Many of it is still white. Half the time my instincts tell me to usher the smoke out as fast as I can, but then I'd just choke on it, so I have to slowly exhale and just be amazed at this cloud of smoke.

    The same can and will go for my friend's bubbler.

    Hell, every once and a while, I'll be lucky enough to bne chosen by the God's and my mouth will be the doorway for yellow smoke to come out.

    Oh, those are my proudest days.
  12. That happens when you don't inhale the smoke into your lungs or don't hold it in.
  13. I have an African American friend who has the thickest smoke ever. My smoke is usually really light gray but I exhale a ton of smoke. Next time I go home I will get a video of this kid smoking. he is hilarious to watch
  14. Why's he gotta be african american, why cant he just be a "friend"? huh? huh? !
  15. maybe it just seems whiter in contrast to his skin? not be racist or anything
  16. cuz he wanted to add some detail??? duh duh.:smoking:
  17. im black. at times it does seem this way.
  18. u can inhale a bunch, then fill ur mouth with smoke and not inhale that, so its real thick and shit. u can do french inhales and snaps with that thick smoke fo some tricks.
  19. haha i love doing that

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