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White sugar leaves? CHECK THIS OUT

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ParanoiaKills, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I've been growing 3 years I've never seen this.....first there's a clusterfuck of pistols in this one area, than under a closer evaluation, I have WHITE sugar leaves??? Can anybody explain?

    It's not mold, it's not light burnt, it's a pure albino white.....comments or suggestions?

    Ok, I didn't know exactly where to put this thread, and ill probably get yelled at for putting it here, but cool :smoke:

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  2. You had what is called a bud mutation, where a single branch or bud mutates- in this case to variegated leaves and flowers. Variegated plants tend to be weaker than normal ones, but the bud looks cool.
  3. Looks like light bleaching to me. Happens when I have mine too close to the six hundred hps. How much light you using ? I know you said that its not light caused but that's the only reason I could think of. Don't forget they do start to look shitty when they get far into flowering. That's because we judge by the foliage when in flower leafs are important but its the bid development I look at in flower. I guess that depends how far along into flower she is.

    Sorry I couldn't answer the question bro
  4. Was the first thing I thought of also. However, the bud isn't even directly under the light?? And it's only a 400. I also have other buds that are closer to the light, that aren't reacting like this

  5. Whoops forgot pics

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  6. From my experiance thats a pHosphorus/POtassium defiency hows your PH
  7. Ok here's my thought on it now that I been thinking about it a little. I've seen this in my grow room. Ill have a plant that is in flower and possibly the little vein in that leaf breaks and that tiny little blade dies off but since its stuck in the bud it just sits under the light and bleaches. Honestly that may not be the cause but the plant looks amazing and the white is not spreading. Soooooo. That's be my guess.
  8. Now, I'm open to possible bleaching. It's not a def tho, and ph is checked religiously I've been doing this for a while now and I've never seen anything like this......ooooh and I didn't answer your question is 6-7 weeks into flowering.

    See how there's a new patch of white growing slightly lower than the top? Where your "devil horns" grow out? This is why I do t think its bleach, or the whole top of the plant would be bleached?

    It's also pure white. In my experience, light bleach has a slight yellow hue to it, despite the fact they call it "bleaching"

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